25 Ontario Girls On Instagram That Are Living The Life You Want

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25 Ontario Girls On Instagram That Are Living The Life You Want

Instagram is a golden place to go if you want to get inspiration or motivation. Whether you're in search of a delicious recipe or a perfect makeup look, Instagram is a go-to place to learn some new things. I don't think I am the only one that agrees that Instagram is one of, if not the best social media platform out there right now.

Yes they totally copied Snapchat when it comes to stories, but to me it's just easier now because everything is in one place. From photos of food to stunning photos of my city, my Instagram feed has to be suited just for me.

We've all done it, scrolled through someone's Insta page wishing you weren't studying for exams and instead you were doing what they were doing. Whether they are exploring Iceland or enjoying a day at the beach, all you feel like doing is dropping out of whatever you're doing and just going to live the life you want. But at the end of the day, we have to work in order to get the life you want. Whether it's going to the gym every day to feel confident, trying out unique foods, or trying out that risky makeup look, we can all get the life we want with enough drive and motivation.

Everyone has their "thing" that they love to follow on Instagram. Fashion accounts I love because they give me the outfit inspo that I always need. Travel accounts are my personal favourites, I consider me following them research for when I eventually choose where I want to go (although right now I'm pretty set on Greece or Positano).

Makeup accounts are essential when you're planning on going out and adding on that extra eyeliner. Fitness accounts help motivate you to get out of bed and actually do something productive for at least one hour. And last but certainly not least, foodie accounts fulfill all of our food dreams.

Fashion Instagram Girls

Travel Instagram Girls

Makeup Instagram Girls

Fitness Instagram Girls

Foodie Instagram Girls

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Allegra Shaw // @allegrashaw

Where: Toronto

Allegra's looks will give you some fire outfit inspo. From chic looks to chill street style, Allegra styles for any occasion. She also travels often, so if you love travel accounts and fashion the you've found your perfect account. 

Symone P. // @itssymonep

Where: Ottawa

Symone knows how to dress to impress. When you follow her account you wont only get amazing outfit inspo, you'll also have some makeup looks you can re-create that are absolutely stunning. 

Stacie Ha // @stacieha

Where: Ottawa

A perfect combo between travel, food, fashion, and Ottawa life. Stacie's account will make you want to pack your bags with some great outfits and travel to your next escape. 

Kellie // @k.g.campbell

Where: Toronto

If you're looking to switch up your style and dress a little more unique, then head to Kellie's account for some major outfit inspo. This account will prove to you that matching two different prints is completely badass and you have to try it at least once. 

Purna Choudhury // @fiveftdiaries

Where: Toronto

If you're looking for an account that will get you looking fly for uni, you should check out Purna's Insta. Her outfits are causal yet chic at the same time!

Tee // @thatsotee

Where: Toronto

Tee's style is both edgy and soft, and feminine. She'll give make you seriously envy of her stunning world travels, Toronto lifestyle and amazing outfits. If you're looking for some fashion inspo, this is definitely it. 

Qing // @qingaling

Where: Toronto

Qing's account mixes her enviously fun Toronto lifestyle with total outfit goals! Follow her travels, adventures and amazing style throughout the seasons this year. 

Vanessa Cesario // @vanessacesario_

Where: Toronto

Vanessa's account proves that she's the queen of edgy style in Toronto. She gives off an amazing attitude in every picture and isn't afraid to make you totally jealous of her life. 

Ruby // @ragsxruby

Where: Toronto

Ruby is a Toronto model and lifestyle blogger with amazing style, obviously. She mostly shares pictures of her stunning street style and her modelling jobs. 

Marie Ernst // @mariesbazaar

Where: Toronto

Marie's account is picture after stunning picture of her wearing amazing clothes with a vibrant smile on her face. Her looks are always simple and completely easy to replicate if you're looking for style inspiration. 

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Jyoti Matharoo // @jyotimatharoo

Where: Toronto

Not only does Jyoti travel often, her account will also give you major outfit inspo. From Chanel bags to Mercedes cars, Jyoti is livvvving a life of complete luxury. If you're someone that loves the high-end bounce lifestyle then you will 100% enjoy following this account. 

Jodi // @jodiblk_

Where: Toronto

Not only will Jodi give your feed travel vibes, but she will also serve you some amazing monochromatic looks. If you love wearing black and love Europe then you will love her account. She travels pretty often and no matter where she goes her outfits are also always perfection.

Blair Bitove // @blairbitove

Where: Toronto

From London to Mykonos Blair is living the travel life everyone craves. She mainly travels to Chicago, LA, and Palm Beach, so if you love photos of summer weather then you should defiantly check her out. 

G Andrea // @fiftyshadesofgriz

Where: Kingston

Andrea calls herself a full-time worker and a part-time traveller. Her account is perfection, from the themed filter to the pretty colours, this account is worth following. Plus she knows exactly where to go in Kingston that give her account major Europe vibes.

Jöelle Anello // @lapetitenoob

Where: Toronto

If you love pinks and pastels then you will love Jöelle's Insta account. This summer she travelled to Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid, and Algarve. On top of all the travelling she did during the summer she just recently went to Dominican Republic! Talk about jet setting!

Chloe Zhang // @chloezhaang

Where: Toronto

Chloe's account is half amazing travel adventures and half amazing street style and lifestyle pictures. She posts amazing pictures of beach vacations, city adventures and wherever it is she's escaping to at that time!

Tasneem D // @dasootas

Where: Toronto

It seems like Tasneem and her boyfriend are travelling the globe constantly! Their most recent adventure was to Italy but they have tons of amazing travels that you can live vicariously through her account.

Christina // @styleapotheca

Christina is a style blogger who recently travelled through Europe and is sharing everything she wore in every city! She provides both fashion tips and amazing travel adventures on her feed. 

Jen Laceda // @jenlaceda

Where: Toronto

Jen is constantly on vacation and is always posting pictures of stunning beaches with bright blue waters and white sand! She relaxes completely at resorts all over the world that will make you totally envious but give you major travel inspiration.

Kate // @katebialowas

Where: Toronto

Kate is a writer and blogger that posts stunning lifestyle and travel pictures across Toronto and the globe! She gives amazing inspo whether you're looking to explore your own city or the rest of the world.

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Monica // @mua.monica

Where: Toronto

I am in awe of Monica's makeup looks. From her bronzy gold look that is absolutely stunning to her simple bold red lip she knows how to slay. Her account will not only give you makeup inspo but you'll also get some fire outfits as well. 

Moni // @blushandbindis

Where: Toronto

Whether you're looking for a simple and chic day to day look or a dramatic look for an event, this account will give you major makeup inspo. Not only can you try these looks yourself but you can also book an appointment with her to get the exact look you want. 

Aya Hamed // @beautybyaya

Where: Ottawa

Whether you want to add that extra contour for an event or you like looking fly everyday, Aya's looks will have you feeling like royalty. Her Insta has short video tutorials on how do get certain looks and she also has a Youtube channel that shows exactly what she uses and what she does.

Senita Schuler // @tropbelle_makeup

Where: Toronto

With New Years just around the corner Senita will give you the perfect celebratory looks. From shimmery glitters to bright colours all of her makeup looks are perfect for a special occasion. 

Krishni // @krishkreations

Where: Toronto

Bold lip colours, perfect highlight, and stunning eyeliner, Krishni will have you looking and feeling like a million dollars. Her account has videos too that explain exactly what she uses and how she applies the makeup, so even if you're a beginner you can learn her ways.

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Natasha Aughey // @natashaughey_

Where: Ottawa

Talk about strength! Natasha is a strong lifter from Ottawa. If you want to train your weight lifting abilities then you should definitely follow her for some motivation. She also has a Youtube channel that breaks down different workouts and will give you some routine ideas. 

LaToya // @shestough

Where: Toronto 

Latoya is a mother of two adorable children and she slaaaaays. Follow her fitness account for workout motivation and routines. From time to time she posts a video that shows different workout routines that are perfect for beginners.

Danielle Shoom // @danielleshoomfitness

Where: Toronto

If you love outdoor workouts and being one with nature then you will really enjoy following Danielle's Instagram account. She posts a variety of photos from yoga poses to yummy foods her account will bring a smile to your face. 

"AbQueen" // @msfitbytee

Where: Toronto

#Goals in every single way. She doesn't call herself "AbQueen" for no reason, look at those abs! Follow this Insta account to gain instant motivation you need before heading to your local gym. Seriously it will only take you a few scrolls to gain the push you need to go to the gym asap. 

Liana // @liana_zambonin

Where: Ottawa

If you're looking for an account that isn't purely about going to the gym then you should 100% check out Liana's Insta. She will give you the motivation to gym while also showing you that you can have a life outside of the gym too. 

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Marr // @foodiethruthe6

Where: Toronto

From unreal sweet desserts to delicious dinners, Marr knows where to eat in Toronto. Serious warning that while scrolling through this account you will likely feel hungry and want to add everything to your food bucket list

Amanda // @theingdex

Where: Ottawa

Whether you enjoy looking for different places to eator like looking at delicious home cooked meals Amanda's account will have your tummy grumbling in seconds. If you like food accounts, but also love travel and fashion this account is everything combined. 

Cassie // @crumbkitchen

Where: Ottawa

If you have a major sweet tooth like me, then you will adore this account. From cereal cupcakes to s'mores pie Cassie's homemade treats all look heavenly. The recipes for all of her yummy foods are available on her blog called Crumb Kitchen

Anh // @hangry_foodies

Where: Toronto

Anh has her food aesthetics on another level. From the lighting to the backdrops, Anh has photoshoots with her food and I live for it. If you're trying to find some yummy places to eat in Toronto definitely check out her account. 

Rosemary // @rosemxry

Where: Toronto

A mix between photos of perfect plates of food and photos of aesthetically pleasing restaurants. Rosemary has got her account on point. By following her account your feed will be blessed by stunning places and yummy foods. 

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