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25 Things That Were Once Part Of Every Girl's Daily Routine

When you think back to when you were growing up, you probably think about all the stuff you didn't like about it. Being grounded, having to do chores, waking up so early for school; everything seemed so hard back then (aren't we all laughing now). However, growing up being a girl was actually pretty fun minus the puberty part. Everything was so colourful and bold, and I know I lived for a good Catstreet Boys shirt from Northern Getaway. Compared to our daily routines now, we had it so easy back then. Now we spend two hours getting ready in the morning compared to waking up 20 minutes before the bus came. No wonder why girls complain so much.

The more you grow up, the more nostalgic you get and looking back into the '90s and early '00s the trends have changed dramatically. Instead of waking up to Saved by the Bell and a bowl of Corn Pops, we wake up to Netflix and YouTube beauty videos and every single damn form of social media before we even say hi to someone. So lets reminisce about the good 'ol days and when we didn't have to spend every paycheque on student loans. Here are 25 things that were a part of your daily routine:

1. Waking up surrounded by Beanie Babies and Groovy Girl dolls.

2. Getting ready to Saved by the Bell in the morning on your 14-inch TV.

Photo cred - Etsy

3. Butterfly clips stored in a Spacemaker pencil box.

4. And a fake hair scrunchie.

5. You brush your teeth with your Jesse McCartney Tooth Tunes toothbrush.

Photo cred - iBegin

6. All of your outfit choices were from La Senza Girl, Jacob Jr. or Northern Getaway.

7. You make Toaster Strudels for breakfast and down it with a glass of Sunny D.

8. And you never forget to take your Flintstone 'vitamins'.

Photo cred - We Heart It

9. You made sure you grabbed your newest Lip Smackers before heading out the door.

10. Listening to your Discman on the way to school to keep you company.

11. Obviously, with your Avril Lavigne and Backstreet Boys CDs in tow.

12. You felt cool AF pulling those scented markers out of your pencil case.

Photo cred - Tumblr

13. And computer class was LIT because of Kid Pix and Math Circus.

14. After a nutritious snack of a Fruit to Go, Bugles and Gushers, it was time for recess.

15. And you definitely brought this toy out into the school yard.

Photo cred - We Heart It

16. Time for lunch! It's either a gross mortedella and cheese sandwich or you're #blessed with a Lunchable.

17. You get home, and flip between Recess, The Weekenders and if you were a rebel, you probably watched Passions without your parents permission.

18. You hop onto MSN to avoid doing your homework and to innocently flirt with boys.

19. You are called down for supper which is a hearty meal of roast beef, boxed mashed potatoes and creamed corn #health.

20. You get in a solid hour of playing Sims before getting in trouble.

21. You attempt to do your homework while listening to the CD your BFF burned for you on your CD player/boombox/stereo.

22. After your shower, you slip into silk matching pyjamas with monkeys all over them because #fashion.

23. And you made your mom straighten your hair with a clothes iron.

24. You climb into bed, surrounded by a cute mosquito net and read the latest Harry Potter book.

25. And before you pass out, you stare at the glow in the dark stars on your ceiling and probably fall asleep right away because you have 0 stress.

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