I'm not going to say that the Queen's campus should be on the face of a million postcards, but you know everyone is thinking it; it's fvcking beautiful. But what really gives it its character isn't it's Harry Potter like good looks, but the people that walk through it. 

These people are, duh, the students. These are the people that know Queen's in and out and, obviously, when you know a place, as well as a student, you'll have some different thoughts then you had on your first tour. Here are thoughts all Queen's students have walking through campus. 

Moving Into Residence 

"I don't even care that Brant has elevators that actually work and a TV in each room, WEST IS BEST." (Only thought by anyone actually on West.)

Frosh Week 

"If they ask me how I feel I swear to God......"

Walking down University Ave. 

"I matched with you on Tinder, and you, and you, and- oh there's my TA! I matched with you too."

Going through Mac-Correy 

"Was this building built as a fvcking maze- oh wait I think it was? Wait how did I get to B wing? Whatever I'm going to get fries from CGC."

Walking to Bio-Sci 


Making an 8:30 

"Okay I'm late but at least I got out of bed? Maybe if I cut through Mac Correy and through the ARC I can get there by 9."

In the Tim's line 

"There is NO way you ALL need this double double and cheddar bagel like I do, where did you come from?! F this I should just start cooking at home - actually nah, not going to happen."


"I KNEW I shouldn't have worn this polo, who was I thinking I was being original.

"I hope I can get an alumni to play beer pong with me, that's a prime insta. OH I need to find a roof! So cute."

At Tri Colour 

"I mean I already have 5 Queen's shirts and am in debt from that text book but these CHA GHEILL sweat pants are just TOO CUTE."

In Stauffer 

"How have I been here for 5 hours and only written 3 sentences?! Whatever I'm here that's productive enough. Okay I'll just order some sushi, sleep on that bench, then, by 6am, I'll be done the first draft. I'm a genius, time for a break."

In the ARC 

"WHY did I get on this leg machine it looks like I'm doing kegels to try and flirt, STOP LOOKING AT ME, THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE SEDUCTIVE."

"I mean it's not like I actually WANT to be a varsity athlete, but just the fact I cant go on their floor is enough to make you want it."

At QP 

"Buff wrap? Mozza sticks? Sangria?! Would it be weird to get all? Lol what am I talking about, do I really care? ORDER IT UP."

"LEAVE PEOPLE LEAVE it's almost Bachelor time and if I'm not in prime seating with my sangria someone is gonna get thrown out."

At Cogro 

"If that person takes that last piece of red velvet.......don't do it, don't do it, don't do it...."

"Is the top secret really a TOP secret, or just a normal secret?"

Walking to class 

"IS THAT A SERVICE PUPPY IN TRAINING?! Oh who cares about my 20 percent lab I'm following you FOREVER."

"Why does everyone here look like they came out of vogue magazine?"

"Oh you're in Kin? I couldn't tell by your kin sweater and sweats."

"Those poor eng, their walk in between class is probably the only time they see the light of day."

"Oh shit they closed down! Whatever there will be a bakesale tomorrow anyways."

"You know I bet I could be that cool person on their longboard going to class. Actually that's a full out lie I'd definitly fall right on my face."

Scramble crossing 



"Is it Cha Gael or Kay Ya? WHATEVER CHA GHEILL."