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27 Things To Do This Summer In Ottawa For A Rainy Day, A Sunny Day, & A Humid Day

You don't need to just sit at home on rainy and humid days.
27 Things To Do This Summer In Ottawa For A Rainy Day, A Sunny Day, & A Humid Day

Ottawans complain a lot, when it's winter we whine about the snow and when it's summer we complain about the extreme humidity or all of the rain.Sometimes it could feel like there is nothing to do on days when it's ugly and pouring outside, but trust me there is plenty to do. On humid days even running around inside doesn't sound appealing, you either want to be in cool water, inside not breaking a sweat, or enjoying a cold sweet treat. Sunny days are like the youngest child in the family, everyone loves and adores them. 

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Whether you like it or not rainy, humid, and sunny days, are all a part of summer and the best thing you can do is embrace them. Here are 27 things you can do in the summer to beat the rain, enjoy the sun, and escape the heat.

Rainy Day

Sunny Day 

Humid Day

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Rainy Day: 

Play games inside all day at The Loft Board Game Lounge

Try your best to escape from one of Ottawa's Escape Rooms

Jump the rainy day away at Flying Squirrel Ottawa

Get a hole in one at Putting Edge glow in the dark mini golf

Unleash your inner artist at Paint Nite Ottawa

Get a strike at McArthur Lanes 

Go watch a Scene Canada show at the National Arts Centre from June 15th - July 23rd

Aim your bow and shoot at Archery Games

Throw some axes at BATL Ottawa 

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Sunny Day: 

Rent a VeloGo Bike and bike around town

Take a boat ride with Capital Cruises

Have a lovely picnic at Major's Hill Park or any Ottawa Park 

Get adventurous at Arbraska Laflèche

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Hit up one of Ottawa's patios for a cool summer drink

Hike up King Mountain Trail in Gatineau Park

Unleash your inner child at The Capital Fair

Go on an Ottawa Wall Art Instagram mission

Whitewater raft or paddle down the Ottawa River at OWL Rafting

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Humid Days: 

Head to The National Gallery of Canada and visit the new Canadian & Indigenous Galleries opening June 15th 

Beat the heat at Calyspo Theme Waterpark

Escape the humidity, enjoy dinner and drinks while watching a movie at Cineplex Cinema Lansdowne VIP

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Cool off and unwind at Nordik Spa-Nature

Duck away from the heat and go swimming at Splash Indoor Wave Pool

Take a nighttime walk downtown once the sun has set

Try out some amazing vegan ice cream to help you cool off

Take a swim at Morrison's Quarry

As the sun goes down go to Port Elmsley Drive-In and watch a movie outside

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