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28 Places To Bring Someone Who Has Never Been To Ottawa

So your friends are coming in from out of town, and you're panicking about where to bring them. What if they think your home is boring? What if they think there is nothing to do here like everyone else? Don't worry, I promise they won't think that. 

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You want to fill up their time here with only the best of the best, and make sure they have the time of their lives. Rain or shine, these activities will make any visitor happy! So here are 28 places to bring someone who has never been to Ottawa. 

Origin Trade // 111 York St

The cutest coffee shop that gives off Central Perk vibes. Whether you're grabbing an iced coffee, a London Fog or a cocktail at night, you'll love this place. 

Parliament Hill // Wellington St

This is obvious. If someone has never been to Ottawa before, the first thing they'll want to see is see the beauty of the Parliament Buildings in person. No matter what season it is, they're a sight to see. 

La Bottega Nicastro // 64 George St

Sandwiches may not sound the most exciting, but when they come from La Bottega, they are. They make gourmet sandwiches that you won't find anywhere else, and their whole entire menu is absolutely delicious. 

ByWard Market // Downtown Ottawa

The ByWard Market is an amazing place to walk around, shop, and see all that Ottawa has to offer. Stop by these huge Ottawa letters that are placed in the ByWard Market for Inspiration Village. 

Pink Lake // Gatineau Park 

Pink Lake is absolutely stunning in the spring, summer and fall. Take your guest to any of the hiking trails in Gatineau Park, or there are plenty of outdoor activities you can do as well. 

SuzyQ Doughnuts // 969 Wellington St. West

SuzyQ Doughnuts are arguably the most well known donuts in Ottawa. While we do have some amazing donut shops, these are so unique and you'll want to take a few boxes home with you. 

Ottawa Farmers' Market // 1000 Exhibition Way

This is a great place to take someone who wants to see all of Ottawa's natural and fresh food. All the farmers markets in Ottawa are super popular, and you'll get to roam and pick up things you wouldn't find anywhere else!

National Gallery of Canada // 380 Sussex Dr

Also a prime spot to bring someone who has never been to Ottawa. We are lucky to have such an amazing and popular gallery, but you can check out these ones as well. 

Pub Italia // 434 Preston St

Pub Italia is a church-themed pub that has an amazing beer bible anyone would die over. Its unique decor and amazing food will definitely leave you fulfilled. 

Baker Street Cafe // 385 Richmond Rd

Baker Street Cafe is a London-themed cafe that does everything right. They have delicious pancakes, eggs Benedict, and so much more to choose from. They're opened for breakfast and brunch

Altitude Gym // 35 Boulevard Saint-Raymond

This cool place will have you so sore the next few days. If you've never tried rock climbing or you want a new gym to try out, this is your best bet. 

Ward 14 // 139 Preston St

This consignment shop and bar is the coolest but weirdest place. You can actually buy items that they have as decoration, while eating their delicious food and drinking their own beer. 

The Loft Board Game Lounge // 14 Waller Street

If you just want a quiet night in, but also want to go out, we got you. The Loft Board Game Lounge is the perfect place to chill while still having fun. It'll bring out the kid in you!

Carbide Willson Ruins // Trans Canada Trail

Perfect for the person who loves adventure! These ruins, which used to be a mad scientist's workshop, is located just 30 minutes from Ottawa in Gatineau. 

Atari // 297 Dalhousie St

You can still have fun in Ottawa, didn't you know that? We have super cool drinks here, bucket list worthy! At Atari, you'll never be disappointed with how your drink presents itself. 

Milk Shop // 45 William St

We have amazing local clothing stores here in Ottawa, but they don't just sell clothing. The variety is amazing, ranging from bath bombs to cat products. 

Bite Burger House // 108 Murray Street

Bite Burger House is an amazing restaurant, with so many options for everyone. From foot long hot dogs, to unreal mac and cheese, to the best burger you'll find, you won't be disappointed. 

Alexandra Bridge // Downtown Ottawa

This bridge is perfect for a night walkand you can get beautiful views of the city. 

Pancho Villa // 361 Elgin St

A margarita the size of my head? Yes please! At Pancho Villa, you can get mucho grande drink for only $11.95! They dont discriminate, so this includes margs, daquiris, pina coladas and more!

Feline Cat Cafe // 1076 Wellington St W

Who wouldn't want to visit a cafe cafe, that's my question. This cat cafe is brand new and yes, the vegan drinks and food are delicious, but the cats are so adorable. If you're more of a dog person, we got a cafe for that too! 

Lowertown Brewery // 73 York St

This amazing brewery is located in the ByWard Market and it's a great place to take someone who wants a taste of Ottawa. One brewery isn't enough? Don't worry, we got you

Dow's Lake // 1001 Queen Elizabeth Dr

A great place to take someone who wants to stay in Ottawa for adventure. Kayaking or canoeing down Dow's Lake gives you amazing views of downtown, and it's super cheat to rent whatever you need! 

BeaverTails // 69 George Street

If you don't take the person visiting to the BeaverTail shack, are you really from Ottawa? That's all I have to say. 

Burgers n' Fries Forever // Multiple Locations

Burgers n' Fries Forever is nicknamed BFF for a reason. They have burgers you wouldn't even dream about, and they bring them to life. They have monthly burgers that are insane, but in the best way possible!

J'adore Beauty Bar & Lounge // 329A Elgin St

J'adore Beauty Bar & Lounge is not your average nail salonThey serve alcohol while you get your nails done, so you can really relax. This is a perfect place to take someone who has never been to Ottawa, especially after a long weekend of fun! 

Playa Del Popsical // 809 Bank Street

This adorable food truck sells homemade popsicles, and it's the best idea ever. You won't find anything like this anywhere else, so it's prime that you take your guest here. This is the definition of a hidden gem

Nordik Spa-Nature // 16 Chemin Nordik

No matter what time of year it is, if it's a special occassion or not, you need to relax at Nordik Spa-Nature. You can release your stress, or simply treat yourself to a relaxing weekend! 

Stella Luna Gelato Cafe // 103 Bank St

Stella Luna Gelato Cafe caters to all, and it's amazing. Whether you're vegan, dairy-free, or just enjoy the taste of gelato, this is the place for you. It's also the perfect place to cool down on a hot summer day!

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