Ottawa locals love to make the city sound like the most magical place on earth to make up for the 'government city' stereotype. To be completely honest I am guilty of doing this exact thing. I am the person that takes something overrated and runs with it because it's something unique to Ottawa only.

Most of the things that are overrated are things we locals have all done at least once. For any tourists, you should for sure do these overrated things, just to say you've done it. The underrated things just don't get enough credit for being so wonderful. 



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Going to see the "spectacular" Parliament Buildings

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Skating on the Rideau Canal when it's freezing outside

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Chilling at literally ALL of Ottawa's "Beaches"

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Taking a typical selfie at Warehouse

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Buying ice cream from Sweet Jesus

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Seeing the iconic Giant Spider at the National Gallery of Canada

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Going to Inspiration Village this summer (the only good part was the Ottawa sign #SorryNotSorry)

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Taking a photo in front of the rose wall at Common Eatery 

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Walking around the ByWard Market

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Freezing your a** off to see some ice sculptures at Winterlude

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Watching the Parliament Hill Northern Lights Sound and Light Show

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Going downtown on Canada Day 

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Seeing the Rideau Falls (sorry but this is not Niagara)

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The Canada 150 Maple Leaf mural

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Driving down Taffy Lane to see lights (honestly maximum 5 epic houses)

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Indulging in some delicious Greek food from EVOO Greek Kitchen

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Going for a peaceful nature walk at Mer Bleue Conservation Area 

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Trying the Mystery Motel three part escape at Escape Manor

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Having a relaxed glamping escape from reality at Elements Luxury Tented Camp

Trying out Occo Kitchen's totally delicious tacos

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Reading a book, doing some work, or simply sipping some coffee at Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar

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Enjoying an absolutely delicious pizza from Fiazza Fresh Fired

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Having a fun filled game night at The Loft Board Game Lounge

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Sipping on some bubble tea or wine while painting at Art Haven

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Indulging in the yummy Madame Fattoush Lady 

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Checking out the hidden Princess Louise Falls in Orleans

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Treating yourself to the absolutely amazing desserts at Mantovani 1946

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Trying to beat everyone at Archery Games

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Eating a yummy treat from the lowkey Union Street Cafe

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Visiting the super cute and romantic Patterson Creek