Halloween is the best time of the year. You get unlimited supplies of candy, you get to dress up as whatever you want, and you get your adrenaline pumping with all the fear you have to face. From younger kids to full grown adults, anyone who wants to is able to celebrate the most amazing time of the year!

With that being said, every year, Ottawans sit around pondering what to do for Halloween. Do you turn up or give out candy? Do you watch horror movies all night or do you go to a festival? Do you stay in and avoid it all together or do you try to go to as many events as possible? Fret no further because Ottawa's got an insane amount of activities to keep your heart racing this spooky season. Here's the complete 2017 guide to your Halloween experience in Ottawa:

1. Go on a mini roadie to Saunder's Farm and experience all the frights it has to offer

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Did you really do Halloween in Ottawa if you didn't go to Saunder's Farm? From mazes to haunted houses to wagon rides, Saunders has really got it all! They have some crazy events happening on Friday the 13th as well as on Halloween night so make sure to check out their site and keep updated!

When: September 23rd - October 31st

Price: $19.50 - $32

2. Discover local talent and enjoy what you see at Pumpkinferno in Upper Canada Village

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In honor of Canada's 150th anniversary, Upper Canada Village has an outdoor exhibit with over 7000 carved pumpkins! Totally worth the IG photo if you're down to make the trip - which you should be!

When: September 29th - October 29th

Price: $11.95 - $15.95

3. Visit Ottawa's infamous haunted jail hostel on a Haunted Walk tour

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On this tour, you'll get to learn more about Ottawa's history - except while getting the shit scared out of you! You'll get to tour Ottawa's infamous jail hostel and hopefully you don't actually run into any prisoners... dead or alive!

When: September 24th - November 4th

Price: $19.75 - $24.75

4. Experience the ByWard Market to its' fullest spooky potential during Crawl-O-Ween

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Pub 101, Cabin Room, Green Room, Liquor Store, and Whiskey. 5 clubs, one night, a complete and total turn up. This event is MADE for students so not only will you have a total blast, you'll get to meet new people and have the night of your life. Just make sure to bust out your best costume.

When: Saturday, October 28th

Price: $16.51, subject to increase

5. Grab your significant other, get matching costumes and have a grand old time at the Great Pumpkin Charity Ball

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For those of you who are bad and boujee, classy but never trashy, this charity ball is for you! It's been going on in Ottawa for over 10 years and has earned its' place as one of Ottawa's hypest events every year. There are prizes, swag bags, a photo booth, and a raffle - amazing!

When: Saturday, October 28th

Price: $40

6. Attempt to record your very own experience with the paranormal during Fort Wellington Halloween Public Investigation, which takes place in complete darkness...

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Are you afraid of the dark? Well it's time to face your fears... I just won't be joining you, *ahem*. This shit seems incredibly scary and if you're up for it, please go on my behalf! Just make sure to keep a bible on you at all times, just in case...

When: Saturday, October 28th

Price: $40

7. Try your chance to win a $500 cash prize at Thriller inside of Flybar Nightclub

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A cash prize of $500 for the best Halloween costume; you already know this is about to get crazy competitive! With a special guest DJ from the 6ix, you'll get to turn up to hip hop, afro beats, and dance hall all night, so even if you don't win, you'll still have an awesome time.

When: Saturday, October 28th

Price: $15-$30

8. Experience some sexiness and some gore with Zombie Strippers at Babylon Nightclub

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Fear for your life... or maybe get turned on? Um, I don't even really know what to say about this one but head down to Babylon Nightclub and let me know how it goes! Babylon is notorious for having some of the craziest parties in Ottawa so it's definitely worth it.

When: Tuesday, October 31st

Price: $12

9. Drag your friends out to Skreamers and try to get through their notorious haunted house

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Yup, that's right. I said *try* to make it through because you'll face every single one of your fears when you get through the haunted house. And don't even get me started on the other activities!

When: September 30th - October 31st

Price: $20

10. Find this year's pumpkin at Pumpkinfest

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Looking for the perfect pumpkin? Well look no further as Proulx Farm will have pumpkins that you can buy to take home and carve!

When: September 24th - October 31st

Price: $11-$15.50

11. Push your fears to their limits at Cumberland's Haunted Historic Village

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Grab your best friends and pray for the best! Enjoy a tour of this haunted village but make sure to act fast as tickets will sell out! It's an extremely popular event that attracts visitors every single years so don't play yourself.

When: October 13th - 28th

Price: Variable

12. Run into a ghost at Haunt Nights inside Watson's Mill

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Experience Watson's Mill turn into a giant haunted house this season. Some have said to have seen real live ghosts but you'll only know until you go. Make sure to act fast because it's only on for 3 nights and tickets are just $5.

When: October 19th - 21st

Price: $5

13. Spend a night at the Ottawa jail hostel

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Some people have said they saw prisoners standing at the edge of their bed. The only problem with this is that the prisoners were dead! Face your fears (and the paranormal) by spending a night at this world famous haunted jail.

When: All year

Price: Variable

14. Interact with the undead at the Diefenbunker

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Yum, braiiiiins! Head underground and learn more about the cold war while interacting with zombies! Just make sure you don't get bitten. This yearly event always sells out because of how well done it is and how exciting it gets!

When: October 14, 28, 29, and November 4

Price: $18.75 - $21.75

15. Get lit with your besties at Haunted House 5 at Flybar

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Flybar is known for its' crazy parties and sold out events! For 2017's Halloween weekend, they've got events lined up including on the Friday. Don't miss out on yet another excuse to dress up in a sick costume!

When: Friday, October 27th

Price: $15-$30

16. Go on a spooky wagon ride at Acres of Terror at Cannamore Orchard

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Pumpkin picking, wagon riding, and Halloween spirit will all be available at the Acres of Terror. The later you go, the scarier it gets, but just make sure to plan ahead because the lines get long!

When: September 29th - October 29th

Price: $5-$22

17. Hit up Monster Mash Halloween Party at Pinhey's Point Historic Site and get your groove on

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This all ages event will make sure the whole family has fun! There will be face painting, treats, music, and fun activities so if you're stuck babysitting that night, you can still make sure to have a blast!

When: Saturday, October 21st

Price: $6.30

18. Give back to the community at Barrymore's Halloween Charity Ball while turning up

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This yearly event is not one to be missed. This event has been going on for the past 15 years earning it a the title as one of Ottawa's most anticipated Halloween events. It's always a total turn up.

When: Saturday, October 28th

Price: $15-$40

19. Tune into your inner superhero at Marvel vs. DC at Bourbon Room

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Enjoy Bourbon Room's 3rd annual superhero night during Halloween weekend! Dress up as your favorite character, enjoy $3.50 tequila shots and win cash prizes for your dope costumes.

When: Saturday, October 28th

Price: $10

20. Celebrate Mexican Culture by attending the Day of the Dead Festival

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Calling all makeup lovers and enthusiasts to this cultural and exciting event! Mexicans go wild over celebrating the Day of the Day but now it's coming to Ottawa; with this event, you'll get the opportunity to bust out your makeup skills and learn more about the culture.

When: October 28 - October 29

Price: $15

21. Gather a group of friends and enjoy a Rocky Horror Show themed game of Laser Tag

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Combine laser tag overnight, the Rocky Horror Show Picture, and Halloween and you get this once a year event that is definitely worth going. Laser tag is already fun on its' own so you already know it's going to get real lit this time around.

When: Saturday, October 29th

Price: $35-$40

22. Take your younger siblings out to Barnyard Halloween and enjoy some special Halloween activities

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This event is all ages and super cute and fun! Hosted at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, there will be arts and crafts, snacks, pumpkin decorating, and educational opportunities so it's definitely something you'll want to take your younger siblings to.

When: October 28th- October 29th

Price: Included in museum admission

23. Bring on your best ghost busters impression during a Paranormal Investigation at Watson's Mill

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Eek! I am no fan of ghosts but this event seems sick AF! You'll really get to live out your paranormal hunter dreams by recording and analyzing your findings at Watson's Mill. Just make sure to say a prayer or something before you go so you don't end up like the people in Paranormal Activity.

When: Saturday, October 14th

Price: $45

24. Get your brain working by figuring out how to escape an entrapped room at Escape Room Manor

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If you still haven't taken advantage of Ottawa's escape rooms, now is your chance! What better time than Halloween to get trapped in a creepy room with your friends left to figure out how to escape? Just make sure you don't run out of time...

When: All year

Price: $21-$32

25. Face your fears by heading down to St. James cemetery for a Cemetery Walk

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Ever wanted to visit a cemetery? Yea, me either, but this Halloween, you'll get the chance to! You'll get to learn more about Ottawa's rich history on a nice fall day, ending the tour with some snacks and refreshments! Shouldn't be too scary after all.

When: Saturday, October 21st

Price: $21

26. Bust out your best makeup skills and partake in a Zombie Walk in Almonte

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Take advantage of all your left over fake blood and FX by participating in this zombie walk. No real brains will be served but at least you get to pretend for a couple hours!

When: Saturday, October 14th

Price: $10

27. Glowfair's Halloween Monster Bash

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Pull out the neon and turn it all the way up at this Halloween dance party hosted by Glowfair. There will be a complimentary candy bar with candy from Squish (yum!) as well as grand prize for a night stay at the Alt Hotel with dinner and drinks on Glowfair.

When: Friday, October 27th

Price: $30-$50

28. Dress up in your finest clothes for Frankenstein's Wedding Reception at the Experimental Farm Barn

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Here comes the bride, here comes the bride - the bride of Frankenstein that is. Head down to the experimental barn and turn up for a dance party hosted by Escape Manor. There will be prizes to be won so make sure to dress to the 9's.

When: Saturday, October 28th

Price: $36.66

29. Get in tune with your spooky senses during a seance hosted by Connie Adams

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This is definitely not for the faint of heart but if you're an adrenaline junkie, you've got to try out this seance at Billings Estate National Historic site. Connie's an extremely well known and sought after psychic so who knows what you'll end up seeing - you can only find out.

When: Sunday, October 22nd and 29th

Price: $31.25

30. Enter this sick warehouse and turn up to house music for Halloween in a Warehouse

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Grab all of your best friends and head out to this Halloween warehouse party hosted by Floorplay. Not only will they be bumpin' some of the best jams, it's going to be packed! This is not an event you'll want to miss.

When: Saturday, October 28th

Price: $30, prices expected to increase

31. Turn up to some hip hop and afro beats at The Vampire Ball at Bourbon Room

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This event is guaranteed to sell out as it always does! There will be cash prizes for the best costume and gift cards for the runner ups so make sure to go all out with your costume! Don't be shy!

When: Tuesday, October 31st

Price: $15-$30

32. Get in tune with your theater nerd side as you enjoy the Arsenic and Old Lace Play at Ottawa Little Theater

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If you have some time off from turning up this Halloween season, take some time to enjoy a great play! Arsenic and Old Lace will be performed at the Ottawa Little Theater and tickets are totally affordable.

When: October 25th - November 11

Price: $12-$27

33. Bring your pet or just go enjoy other people's cute pets during A Call to Paws Pet Halloween Costume Contest

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Cute puppies dressed up in cute costumes! What more could you need to complete your Halloween weekend ? Don't miss out on this super adorable pet friendly event held at McNabb Park.

When: Saturday, October 28th

Price: $10 donation

34. Enjoy some brains... I mean supper at the Halloween Supper at the Old Jail

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Hit up the old original jail for a 3 course meal in a prison cell plus a tour of the jail for just 27$! We can't guarantee you won't be fed brains and kidneys but we know you'll have a great time regardless.

When: October 28, 27, 29, and 30th

Price: $27