I'm super excited to announce that winter is finally over! It may not seem like it because we're still in the middle of February and it's looking pretty grey and dismal outside our windows right now, but it really is true.

Once we finally make it out of February and into March the days are going to become longer, the snow will begin to thaw and everyone's spirits will lift again. So even though it may not feel like Spring, get excited because it's happening!

Since the weather is about to warm up again it's the perfect time to get out there and explore the city! There's always tons of awesome things to eat, see and do here in Ottawa so make the most of it.

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Indulge in homemade pasta from The Dreamland Cafe. 

The Dreamland Cafe is one of the cutest spots in the city and they also serve some of the best fresh pasta! It's all homemade in the store, pretty much completely customizable and offer them in these cute to-go boxes or bowls to stay.

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Enjoy all things matcha at Uji Cafe. 

Uji Cafe specializes in serving the best of matcha! They have a huge selection of match drinks as well as matcha desserts that are totally worth the visit. We recommend a matcha latte paired with a slice of matcha layered cake.

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Classy cocktail night at Ward 14. 

Ward 14 is a super cute cocktail bar that's perfect for those nights where you don't want to dress up but you still want to enjoy some classy drinks. They sell a range of awesome cocktails as well as snacks and the occasional trivia night.

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Taco feast from the scrumptious El Camino. 

This is definitely one of the top spots for tacos in Ottawa. They have a pretty big selection of tacos to choose from as well as a range of other Mexican eats. Their cocktails are also killer and the kitchen is open late, what more could you ask for?

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Massive ice cream cones from Stella Luna Gelato Cafe. 

March is basically Spring time so it's totally acceptable again to eat ice cream cones as big as your head. Stella Luna Gelato Cafe does gelato the right way with tons of delicious flavours to choose from!

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Korean style fried chicken from The Fry. 

You really can't go wrong with a massive plate of Korean fried chicken and The Fry does it up the best in the city. They have all kinds of different flavours to choose from that will keep you coming back for more.

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Fresh pizza pies from Fiazza Fresh Fired. 

Fiazza is all about making their pizzas fresh and firing them up as fast as possible for you to enjoy almost immediately after you order them. Customize your pizza or choose from on of their signatures, wait 180 seconds and boom, your pizza is ready to be devoured!

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Aesthetically pleasing brunch feast at Headquarters. 

Headquaters is a super unique cafe/brunch spot in Ottawa that's also a hair salon! Enjoy a seriously good brunch made up of lattes and avocado toast and maybe add a blowout on the side if you're feeling like pampering yourself.

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Board games and pub food at The Loft Board Game Lounge.

If you and your date want to get competitive, this is the best spot in the city to do it. They have a huge selection of awesome board games to choose from, a menu of delicious eats and tons of drinks as well!

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Rock climbing adventure at Altitude Gym. 

If you and your bae are all about staying active on your dates, this is an awesome option. It's also a great way to test how much you trust each other if one of you is slightly afraid of heights.

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Enjoy arcade games and drinks at Funhaven. 

Let your inner child out together at Funhaven in Ottawa. They have all kinds of super fun arcade games that you can challenge each other too. They also serve drinks to make it more fun!

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Take a quiet winter stroll through Bruce Pit. 

Bruce Pit is mostly a dog park but in the winter months it also turns into a magical winter wonderland. Take a walk with your S/O and your furry friend if you have one, if you not you'll have tons of opportunities to meet some!

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Go out for donuts at coffee at Maverick's Donut Company. 

There's nothing better than treating yourself to some delicious coffee and donuts once in a while. Ottawa love Mavericks Donut Company because they're committed to making super fresh and delicious donuts with unique flavours!

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Escape to the Nordik Spa Nature. 

Just outside of Ottawa in Chelsea, Quebec is a serene spa called Nordik Spa Nature and you and your bae definitely deserve to escape here. Enjoy relaxing in the tranquil hot tubs in the middle of a quiet forest.

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Take a cooking class together at The Urban Element. 

There's nothing more romantic than your S/O cooking a nice meal for you, but if you learn to do it right it can be that much better! The Urban Element offers tons of amazing cooking classes to teach you everything you need to know about the art of cooking.

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Go record shopping together at Vertigo Records. 

Vertigo Records is Ottawa's top record shop with tons of amazing finds all the time. It's also the perfect place for your next chill but cute date. Challenge each other to pick out a record you think describes them well or that they'll love and let them listen to it!

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Go wine tasting at Vineyards Wine Bar and Bistro. 

This is an awesome spot to go if you absolutely love wine. Their wine flights are all under $15 which is perfect because you get to try multiple glasses of wine for a super cheap price!

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Try out horseback riding at Captiva Farms! 

If you love animals but have never had the pleasure of trying out horseback riding, now's your chance! Captiva Farms offers an introductory course that's just $20.

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Brunch at the stunning Vanitea Room.

The Vanitea Room is an amazing option if you're looking for a great brunch spot to seriously indulge. What's even better is they offer bottomless mimosas with your meal! For just $15 extra you can drink mimosas until you drop this weekend.

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Afternoon tea and sweets at Quelque Chose Patisserie. 

This adorable French bakery offers a stunning afternoon tea that's perfect for you to enjoy with family or your BFFs. Their 'Le Petit' Afternoon tea for two people only costs $40 which is an amazing deal!

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Relaxing hot yoga class at Pure Yoga. 

There's nothing better than de-stressing an letting go of all your worries at a hot yoga class. Pure Yoga offers amazing hot yoga classes that will do just that, plus their drop in price is only $20!

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Skating at the Sens Rink Of Dreams. 

The Sens Rink of Dreams is the perfect place for winter skating in Ottawa. The first few weeks of March are probably the last chance you get to skate in front of the stunning Parliament buildings before Spring rolls around!

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Check out Ottawa's super fun arcade bar, Room 104.

Room 104 just opened up recently and they're probably already one of the coolest spots in the city. The bar is filled with cool, vintage arcade games that you can play and drinks deals all weekend long!

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Spend some time in nature at Parc Omega. 

Located just outside Ottawa is a magical place called Parc Omega. Here you can see all kinds of Canadian animals from wolves to deer to caribou wandering freely in their natural habitats. You can drive through and feed some of them and really appreciate the beauty of nature!

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Enjoy drinks and manicures at J'Adore Beauty Bar & Lounge. 

If you're really looking to get pampered the right way, this is the spot to go. It's part bar and part nail salon so you can enjoy some seriously good cocktails while you get a gorgeous manicure!

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Fancy cocktails on the roof at Andaz Ottawa ByWard Market. 

On top of the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Ottawa is this super boujee rooftop bar called the Andaz. It's open during all seasons and you can keep warm next to their cozy heaters during the winter. You'll be rewarded with amazing cocktails and stunning views of the city!

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Have an evening of indulgence at Oh So Good Desserts. 

This dessert shop and coffee house is the perfect place to go for a classy night of indulgence. They serve all kinds of rich, creamy cakes, cheesecakes and pies that pair perfectly with their espresso drinks.

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Enjoy a fancy dinner for two at Feast + Revel. 

Like the rooftop bar above, this restaurant is also located in the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Ottawa. Here they serve amazing fine dining meals that's perfect for a romantic evening for two.

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Treat yourself to a classy blowout at Showpony Hair. 

Showpony Hair is an amazing salon that creates beautiful looks for everyone that walks through their door. The blowouts here are only $40-$45 which is an amazing deal plus they now have all kinds of spa services to choose from as well!

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Enjoy a high tea experience at The Fairmount Chateau Laurier.

The Fairmount in Ottawa is definitely the fanciest hotel in the entire city. If you decide to go for high tea here you'll definitely be getting the royal treatment. Enjoy delicious tea paired with finger sandwiches, a selection of desserts and even some sparkling wine!

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Learn the art of pole dancing at Ottawa Pole Fitness.

Pole Fitness really is an art and it takes a lot of strength to master it. It's probably more of intense workout than lifting weights at the gym so why not give it a shot? It'll probably be more enjoyable as well!

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Take a cooking class at C'est Bon Cooking. 

Learn how to master the art of cooking at C'est Bon Cooking classes. They have some awesome classes like desserts, pastries, soups and so much more! It's the perfect thing to do with your S/O or friends.

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Explore the stunning Willson Carbide Ruins. 

Located in the heart of the stunning Gatineau Park are these old ruins that offer the perfect backdrop for a wintry photoshoot. They're seriously gorgeous to explore and a great activity if you're looking to save money.

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Skating on the classic Rideau Canal. 

The Rideau Canal is the classic Ottawa activity during the winter. The first few weeks of March are probably the last opportunities of the season to skate before the Spring weather sets in.

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Explore a museum and visit the National Gallery of Canada.

The National Gallery of Canada is probably one of the best art galleries in the entire country where they always have amazing exhibits to explore. On Thursday nights you can get free admission in the evenings from 5-8pm.

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Admire the beauty of Hog's Back Falls in the winter.

If you're looking to explore some nature in the city, Hog's Back Falls is definitely the spot to go. While these waterfalls are stunning in the summer, they really turn into a winter wonderland in the winter months!

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Take your camera and have a photoshoot around The Glebe.

The Glebe is definitely one of the coolest areas to explore in Ottawa. If you haven't yet explored this area, grab your camera and have a super fun photoshoot around the area.

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Admire the beauty of the Library of Parliament.

The Library of Parliament is definitely the most gorgeous library in the entire city. Visits to Parliament are completely free which means access to their library is as well. You can explore the isles of historic books and take pictures of the stunning architecture.

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Take a quiet winter stroll through the Mer Bleue Conservation Area.

This gorgeous bog area is a seriously amazing place to explore all year round. In the winter you can take a quiet stroll and admire the beauty around you. It's also a great spot to see wildlife.

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Explore the Bank of Canada Museum. 

Unlike most museums that are only free during certain hours of the day, one day a week, the Bank of Canada Museum is completely free all the time! They have tons of super interesting exhibits to explore that are definitely worth the visit.