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40 Super Fun Ottawa Things To Do With Your Significant Other In 2017

Your official date night guide!
40 Super Fun Ottawa Things To Do With Your Significant Other In 2017

Dinner and a movie sounds great, but it can also get super boring. Plus, good movies only come out every once and a while and you definitely want to spend more time with the person you love rather than just staring at a screen for two hours.

If you're looking for things to do with your SO, I've got your covered, don't worry. When the seasons change, there are so many more exciting things to do that you forgot about. And they can make for great date nights, weekends, or just when you're both bored of watching Netflix.

Here are 40 super fun Ottawa things to do with your significant other in 2017. Hopefully you're not sick of each other after doing this entire list and if you are, I'm sorry.

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1. Skate down this 3km ice skating rink in Gatineau Park

2. Have a competition of who can eat the most food in 24 #WinterGains

3. Get a couple pic at one of these winter spots

4. Zip-line through a winter wonderland together

5. Treat your bae to a weekend at an outdoor spa

6. When the winter blues kick in, indulge in some comfort food

7. Warm up at one of these underrated coffee shops

8. Take a break from Netflix and chill and take a nature walk

9. Visit Casino Lac-Leamy for a fancy date night

10. Teach your bae how to ski on one of these essential ski hills


11. Rent an adorable Airbnb for a romantic getaway

12. Save your money on a trip to Mexico and try out these Mexican food spots instead

13. Face one of your fears together

14. Indulge in one of these unreal caesars

15. Get back into shape by taking one of these badass fitness classes

16. Check out this unique consignment shop and bar together

17. Take your sweetheart out for a sweet treat

18. Take a short day trip to Kingston

19. Go on a double date and sing your heart out at karaoke night

20. If you're bored, go on the ultimate Ottawa scavenger hunt


21. Get some delicious ice cream without feeling an ounce of guilt

22. Get appropriately day drunk on a patio

23. Watch the sunset together under a blanket

24. Take a drive to Chelsea for the day and see all there is to do

25. Spend the day looking for Ottawa's best sangria

26. Road trip to Canada's own Grand Canyon

27. Make a date out of touring around the ByWard Market

28. Become cave men and women in this amazing cave in Gatineau Park

29. Find your favourite burger together by going through this burger bucket list

30. Stay in this haunted jail cell and freak the f*ck out together


31. Warm up with a big bowl of Pho

32. Go on a beautiful AF hike in Gatineau Park

33. Surprise your SO by taking them out for the best brunch in Ottawa

34. See how pretty Mont Tremblant is in the fall with a weekend trip

35. Go on a haunted tour of Ottawa and visit these scary places

36. Stay in one of these rustic cabins for a beautiful fall night

37. See who is tougher by trying a CrossFit class

38. If you already miss summer, go on a gelato date

39. Educate yourselves by visiting all the art museums in Ottawa

40. Visit as many food trucks as you can before summer ends

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