40 Things You Gotta Do This January 2018 In Ottawa

Start the year right!
40 Things You Gotta Do This January 2018 In Ottawa

And just like that chapter 2017 is over. This year has gone by so insanly fast and I can't believe it is already 2018. The start of a new year is always linked with the start of a new routine or a new outlook on life. Whether you want to be more spontaneous this year or you want to spend more time with the people you love, everyone makes goals for themselves at the start of a new year whether they like to admit it or not.

January has to be one of my favourite months. Yes the weather is not the best, but there's something about the spirit of a new year that really excites me. From seeing people with fresh haircuts to watching people change up their lifestyle, January is a month of pure change and I love it. It is also the start of a brand new semester. This is the month people try their hardest to do better than the fall semester. January is the month where people stay on top of their readings for (at max) three weeks straight.

Now whether people stick to their goals or not, one thing is for sure, during January people have eager attitudes towards the year ahead. It's time to celebrate the new year and accomplish some of your main goals. Perhaps you want to try new things to eat and drink. Maybe you and your bae want to go on more romantic dates together. 2018 might be the year you're trying to save your money so you're in search of things to do under $20 or even better things to do for free. Unless you're looking to treat yourself to something classy AF to do to kick off 2018. No matter what you're in search of, we have your back this year.

Things To Eat & Drink

Things To Do On A Date

Things To Do For Under $20

Things To Do That Are Classy AF

Things To Do For Free

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Enjoy chocolate fondue from Cocoa 70

Fulfill all of your chocolate needs at Cocoa 70. If you love everything and anything chocolatey then this place is calling your name. From luxurious hot chocolate to amazing fondue, Cocoa 70's desserts will warm you up during this cold winter month.

Head to Warehouse for a super cheap meal

Make your way to Warehouse to enjoy a meal for only $5! After the holiday season our bank accounts have all suffered quite a bit, so give your account a break and only spend $5 for your meal. Of course if you want to get some drinks there then your final bill will be more than $5, but skip the drinks and you'll save for sure.

Indulge in a vegan charcuterie board at Café My House

Café My House serves up a wide variety of amazing vegan dishes. From unreal avo-toast to this crazy charcuterie board, Cafe My House knows how to treat vegans to a scruptious meal. This board includes vegan pepperoni, apple sage sausage, meatballs, nut cheese, smoked carrot salmon and much much more!

Drink unreal cocktails served at Evoo Greek Kitchen

If you love to have a cocktail from time to time then you have to try the ones served at Evoo Greek Kitchen. Some of their custom cocktails include; Tiki Drum which is rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, orgeat, and pimento bitters and Dirty Shandy which is fresh grapefruit juice, lager beer, and citrus bitters.

Grab a Beavertail after going for a winter walk downtown

Beavertails are the most winter-y desserts of all. Seriously, grabbing a Beavertail during the winter time is a mandatory activity. Whether you like yours with chocolate spread, garlic and cheese, or classic, there is always a perfect flavour for anyone.

Warm up with Pho from Pho Bo Ga King

During the winter there is nothing better than a steaming bowl of pho. Pho Bo Ga King serves beef, chicken, shrimp, and vegetable pho so whatever you prefer you're definitly covered. January is when winter seriously starts and there is no better way of warming yourself up than with a hot bowl of pho.

Treat yourself to comfort food at The Fry

From time to time it's alright to have a cheat day and completely indulge in good ol' fried chicken. The Fry is a Korean-style restaurant that serves up the most unreal fried chicken. Whether you enjoy boneless, spicy, or crispy, The Fry has something for everyone.

Sip on a luxury hot chocolate at Quelque Chose Pâtisserie

Yes those are all hot chocolates and they are all heavenly. Quelque Chose Pâtisserie knows how to create the most epic drinks to sip on. The flavours of these drinks include Raspberry infused Hot Chocolate, Salted caramel White Hot Chocolate, Matcha White Hot Chocolate and S'mores Hot Chocolate (they all sound to die for)!

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Explore Arbraska Laflèche in the winter

This winter get outside with your bae! Yes cuddling and watching Netflix is cozy and warm, but it's time to change things up. From zip-lining to snowshoeing to touring a cave, this is a fun and adventurous activity for any thrill seeking couple.

Try out one of Ottawa's many Escape Rooms together

What better way to get to know how each of you act under pressure?! Ottawa has so many escape rooms now and it is honestly such a great date to go on. Of course you will be paired with a group of people, but it is still so much fun. This is also a great double date to go on because there will be enough people to make a team!

Go horseback riding at Captiva Farms

Talk about a date that is just like something out of The Bachelor! Head to Captiva Farms to do something out of the norm. Here you two lovebirds can enjoy a horseback ride through a winter wonderland. This adorable date will have you guys feeling like you've escaped from Ottawa for the day.

Enjoy a stay together at a Four Season Tent

If you lovebirds are in desperate need of quiet alone time after the craziness of December you should definitely consider staying at this wonderful Four Season Tent. These stunning tents are located in Lac Philippe Campground in Gatineau which is only an hour drive from Ottawa. You will be fully immersed in nature and are super cute.

Become kids again together at Flying Squirrel

If you guys love physical fitness then this date is perfect for you. Jumping around all day on trampolines will 100% get your blood pumping. Flying Squirrel is a super fun date to go on if you're looking to escape from the cold winter weather and stay inside to warm up.

Battle each other many times at Funhaven

Make your way to Funhaven to play every and any game you wish. This is a super fun way to spend your day battling each other at different arcade games and winning each other stuffed animals. At Funhaven you can rock climb, play laser tag, use bumper cars, and also play arcade games... no wonder it's called Funhaven!

Do something completely different at Escapade Eskimo

Now if you guys are looking for something to do that is completely out of the norm, then you should 100% head over to Escapade Eskimo. Here you can ride a dog sled with your bae and it will be a memory the two of you will never forget. You guys will straight up feel like you're in the movie Snow Dogs.

Head to Crystal Dawn for a scientific palm reading

What better way to start off the year than to get a scientific palm reading together?! Crystal Dawn will have you and your bae feeling super zen real quick. This is the best place to go if you're looking to start the year on a chilled out note.

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Skate on a 3km path at Patinage en Foret

This stakeway is absolutely magical. At Patinage en Foret you can skate through a 3km pathway through the forest. What makes this even better is that it only costs $13 per ticket! This is a perfect way to get outside during the winter while taking in stunning nature.

Laugh the night away at Absolute Comedy

Grab your BFFs or your bae and head to Absolute Comedy for a night filled with laughs. Here you can watch a stand up comedy show for $6-$20, so luckily you won't be spending your entire pay cheque on one night out. Absolute Comedy is guaranteed to leave you in stitches laughing away.

Hit up The Loft Board Game Lounge and get competative

Heading to The Loft Board Game Lounge is one of the best ways to escape from the winter weather this January. Here you can play any game you wish, seriously they have over 100 different board games so I'm sure they'll have something you like. To make this board game lounge even better, they serve up some amazing hot drinks perfect to warm up during this chilly month.

Treat yourself to an unreal donut from Maverick's Donut Company

Who doesn't love a delicious fresh donut with a hot cup of coffee?! If you are someone that loves trying out new donut flavours then you should 100% head to Maverick's Donut Company. Some flavours include Chocoholic, Wake’N Bacon, and PB & J.

Chill out at Elevate Yoga

Start your year right and begin a new workout routine at Elevate Yoga. If you've never tried yoga before this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Here you can go for a simple drop in class for only $17. Going for yoga with one of your friends is also super fun and it's pretty cheap too!

Become a child again at House of Targ

At House of Targ you can play as many pinball games as you wish. On Sundays after 9pm all games are set to free play and it only costs $5 per person to enter. House of Targ also has live music, old school arcade games and a menu of handmade perogies. If you're someone that loves live music, retro gaming, and saving money then this is for sure something you will enjoy.

Get the perfect bath and body products from Saaboon

Now what better way to fully unwind than to have a personal spa day at home. Saaboon sells all vegan products that are perfect for bath time. From vegan bath bombs to coffee soap, Saaboon sells all of the goodies you'll need for the perfect spa day. The prices range from $7-$20 so you won't be breaking your bank account!

Go rockclimbing at Altitude Gym

There are so many different walls to climb at Altitude making is 100% worth your $14! At Altitude Gym you won't only have a super fun and self-challenging filled day, you will also get a solid workout in. Lifting your body up a wall of 'rocks' isn't easy work so if you're in search of an activity that will get your sweating definitely consider heading here.

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Get your hair done at Jet Black Hair & Studio

New year, new hair. With the start of a new year what better way to feel great than to get a fresh haircut. Seriously, a haircut is one of the best feelings ever, especially if you chop off a lot of hair. But even if you don't cut your hair, a fresh wash and blow dry gives you the confidence you need to tackle the year ahead.

Take a day off at Nordik Spa-Nature

After the madness that is December, a day of pure relaxation is something we all need. December is one of the busiest, if not the busiest, month of all. If you have been running around from one place to the next this month, what better way to relax than going to a spa. Nordik Spa-Nature will make you feel like you're entered a completely different world and it's absolutely amazing.

Make your own glass decorations at Flo's Glassblowing

Flo's Glassblowing will leave you feeling like a talented artist real quick. Here you can pick and choose the exact colours you wish to use to create your very own decoration. Whether you want to make a cute paperweight, bookstop, or an ornament for your 2018 Christmas tree, at Flo's Glassblowing you can do it all.

Enjoy a movie at Cinaplex Cinamas Lansdowne VIP

Wine and leather reclining seats while watching a movie, can it get any classier?! At Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne VIP you can watch any movie you wish while eating your dinner or sipping on a drink. Whether you want to watch the new Insidious: The Last Key or Maze Runner: The Death Cure, there are so many new movies coming out in January that you can watch.

Unleash your inner artist at Paint Nite Ottawa

What better way to kick off the year than doing something creative. Paint Nite Ottawa is a fun way to do something different with your friends and family. The best part is you get to keep the painting once you're done. So if you're in search of some art for your place, why buy it when you can paint one for yourself!

Head to The Urban Element and learn how to cook a new meal

With a new year ahead you may as well learn how to cook a bran new gourmet meal. Some people love cooking and if you do then you will 100% love your time at The Urban Element. Even if you're a beginner what better way to learn how to cook like a pro than to take a class.

Salsa your way into 2018 at Azucar! Latin Dance Company

Head to Azucar! Latin Dance Company with your entire squad to dance your day away. This is such a fun way to spend time with your BFFs. Some people are so talented at dancing, others are just beginning, no matter your level of expertise, you will have a super fun time dancing at Azucar! Latin Dance Company.

Paint while sipping on wine at Art Haven

At Art Haven you can paint any ceramic you wish to while drinking some wine. Painting is a great way to relieve stresses from the crazy holiday season that just passed by! Whether you want to paint a mug, decoration, plate or even a plant pot Art Haven will have you feeling like an artist in no time.

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Be one with nature at Jack Pine Trail

Reflect on 2017 and think about your 2018 goals while walking through this beautiful winter trial. The Jack Pine Trail will have you feeling like you're in a winter wonderland real quick. If you are someone that loves being one with nature then you should definitely head to the Jack Pine Trail.

Go skating on the Sens Rink of Dreams

This stunning rink includes LED lights around the rink making it an instant winter wonderland. The rink also includes a heated changing room and picnic tables to snack at and with a Beavertails right beside the rink you will 99.9% have a break from skating to indulge in a Beavertail.

Head to Greens Creek and go sledding

Sledding is one of the most fun free things to do during the winter time. From the fun of going down the hill and trying your best to dodge other people while going down to the great cardio while going back up, sledding is a great winter activity. Once you're done sledding you can head home and make yourself a warm hot chocolate.

Hit up the Bank of Canada Museum

The Bank of Canada Museum has got your back when it comes to saving money. Why? Because the museum is free all day everyday. Bless. If you want to learn more about Canada's currency as well as explore it's new exhibitions you should for sure head to the Bank of Canada Museum.

Admire art at the Karsh-Masson Gallery

Calling out everyone that loves everything artsy, you have to check out the Karsh-Masson Gallery. Going to an art gallery allows you to completely escape from reality and enter another world full of art. This is also a perfect way to get out of the cold winter weather. The artwork in the gallery is by local, national and international professional artists working in various styles and mediums.

Visit Gatineau Park's picturesque lakes

Grab your camera and make your way to Gatineau Park for a day filled with nature and pictures. This is a great way to immerse yourself in winter nature as well as admire the details through your camera lense. Even if you're not going to take photos, admiring these stunning lakes will have you actually liking winter.

Go skating at the Parliament Hill Rink

You HAVE to do this at least once this winter. Heritage Canada took on a skating rink project to commemorate Canada's 150th. The rink will be open through the winter and is expected to close in February. Head to Parliament Hill for a once in a lifetime skate.

Visit the new Canada Science and Technology Museum

After a major makeover The Science and Technology Museum has finally re-opened. If you haven't checked it out yet you have to this January. The museum has been completely re-designed and it is stunning. There are pretty colourful walls and amazing modern designs. There are 11 new exhibits and the museum is free everyday of the week from 4 pm to 5 pm!