Summer is finally here! It's time to walk about and hit up some new dessert places that'll help you beat the heat. Popsicles are perfect for anyone feeling hot and craving something cool and refreshing. They are great for people who are slightly bored of ice cream and are looking for a new summer food fling with something fresh and new.

If you want to change up your summer sweet treats check out these 5 Popsicle places in Ottawa.

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Playa Del Popsical //  809 Bank Street

This hidden gem will transport you straight to the beach. The popsicle truck is in the Glebe and sells refreshing homemade popsicles perfect for a hot summer day (and a cute insta).

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The Cupcake Lounge // Multiple Locations 

They don't only sell cupcakes! During summer the Cupcake Lounge sells fresh fruit pops called Frulli's which are handmade in the store. Whether you prefer a dairy based popsicle or water based the Cupcake Lounge has them all (surprisingly)!

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Sweet Jesus // 97 Clarence Street

Good ol' Sweet Jesus always comes through. If you're not feeling like having a soft serve cone and you want to switch it up, Sweet Jesus has dairy and non-dairy options of different popsicle flavors.

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The Merry Dairy // Ice Cream Truck

Let's all get nostalgic together and find this ice cream truck! These popsicles are handmade in Ottawa using local fruits. The Merry Dairy can be found either driving around Ottawa or parked in a park or at a festival. This summer they are opening a shop so keep an eye out and be the first one there.

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Fiesta Ice Pop Stand // Bicycle Stand 

This pop up stand is a mobile business. Try to spot the bicycle ice pop shop and grab a vegan fruit popsicle to cool off. It can be found at parks or at markets, this shop is sure to freshen you up.