Mini-putting is the perfect outing if you're bored of the movies, bowling, or the ByWard Market. Whether you're going with friends or family you can always practice your Troy Bolton "Bet On It" swing (honestly the best song in High School Musical 2). With summer around the corner now is the perfect time to plan your outings.

Make this summer a hole in one and head to a mini-putting course.

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Mer Bleue Golf // 3686 Navan Road

This cute mini-putting course is perfect for a hot summer day. Mer Bleue Golf is less than $10 per person and also has a driving range available.

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19th Tee // 3690 Carling Avenue

Practice your swing at the range for $8-13 or attempt to get a hole in one while mini-putting for only $6. 19th Tee is perfect if you're broke af.

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Mini Golf Gardens // 2 Colonnade Road

Mini-putting is the perfect outing to escape from the busy city and immerse yourself in nature. Mini Golf Gardens is $12 each and is extremely beautiful.

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Golfland // 3490 Innes Road

Golfland has a range and a mini-putting course. Whether you want to release your stresses and wack a ball or try to win a mini-putting course Golfland has it all.

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Putting Edge // 5 Roydon Place

Escape reality and enter a world that glows in the dark. Putting Edge is the perfect place to take unique instas while competing in this glow-in-the-dark world.