When we're alone and caught up in our own thoughts, it's amazing what we realize. Algonquin College is a pretty big school, with lots of different buildings but is also extremely confusing even for someone who was been there a few years. What's the difference between A & B building? Why does it look like a giant high school in some areas? These are questions we'll probably never have answers to.

Algonquin College is a great school, but like everything else, we notice a lot of it's flaws especially when we're taking that long trek to our class every single day. Honestly, that walk from Baseline or the parking lot should be considered our daily cardio. We all have our pet peeves about different things, but I'm sure we can agree on a few about Algonquin. So here are 56 thoughts you've probably had while walking through the Algonquin College campus.

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1. Why are there so many stairs in the ACCE building?

2. I guess there aren't that many, actually.

3. But why am I out of breath?

4. OMG! Can you move a little slower? This overpass is way too small.

5. *Tries to move past the crowd on the other side*

6. *Gets stuck in oncoming traffic from the other side*

7. F*ck this.

8. *Bolts through the crowd*

9. I swear every slow walker in the world goes to this school.

10. Man, I'm hungry. Is it too early for the caf pizza?

11. Something about the B Building creeps me out.

12. The concrete walls make it feel like a large jail cell.

13. Does anyone actually study at the library?

14. Great, another overpass.

15. Why is it always so hot in these things?

16. *Slyly wipes sweat from forehead*

17. Should I walk outside to Student Commons or deprive myself of fresh air?

18. I guess I'll get some fresh air considering I'll be inside for 8 hours.

19. Why am I still out of breath?

20. Okay, finally at Student Commons.

21. Avoid eye contact with people at the booths at all costs.

22. Do I want to stand in the Starbucks line for 15 minutes?

23. Not really, but don't their holiday cups come out today?

24. Whatever, I'll just get coffee from the caf.

25. The beginning of me saving money starts NOW!

26. Wait, maybe I want Booster Juice?

27. No, I need coffee to stay awake through communications.

28. *Walks around the caf aimlessly trying to not buy pizza at 10 am*

29. Whatever. Doesn't coffee suppress your appetite anyways?

30. Okay. The trek to class begins.

31. Can't they just put in a moving walkway in the hallways?

32. Omg, I went to high school with that person.

33. Should I smile?

34. Should I pretend I'm texting?

35. I'll be the bigger person and smile.

36. *Smiles awkwardly*

37. That was honestly enough human interaction for the day.

38. Should I take the elevator or should I take the stairs?

39. Better question, has anyone ever taken actually taken the elevator?

40. What day is it? What class do I have today?

41. Oh, right, communications. Death.

42. Where are all of my friends, honestly?

43. I swear, if they didn't save me a seat again...

44. *Keeps rechecking phone to see if class was magically cancelled*

45. Should I fake sick and just go home now?

46. Little do people know I'm walking to the beat of a Justin Bieber song.

47. Yeah, people don't need to know that.

48. Are my headphones too loud?

49. Did we have homework due?

50. Wait, when was the last time I went to this class?

51. Probably way too long since I can't remember what room it's in.

52. All I can remember is that it was a room with no windows.

53. So basically hell on earth.

54. Alright, found it. Maybe I go to this class more often then I think.

55. This room smells like dust. I swear, the B Building...

56. Why can't I study in P Building with all the hot police foundation students?

57. *Sits down* Alright, is it time to leave yet?

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