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56 Thoughts Every uOttawa Student Has While Walking Through Campus

Praying for everyone that has class on Simard 4th floor.
56 Thoughts Every uOttawa Student Has While Walking Through Campus

The University of Ottawa is an awesome school, but there are some things that cross every students mind on campus all the time. The campus is a work in progress with construction happening 365 days per year (seriously that walkway from SITE to MRN is killer). Not to mention when crossing the street the chances of being hit by a bus are extremely high.

Although uOttawa has some downfalls, there are still major perks that make us all feel welcome (like free Beavertails on campus in the winter *please never stop doing that*).

Go Gee Gees! Am I right? But wait, WTF is a Gee Gee? Here are 56 thoughts you have probably had on campus at least once.

1. OMG stop trying to get on the bus when people are still getting off. F*cks sake.

2. *Checks time* oh I still have time for Starbucks before my lecture.

3. *Looks inside DMS & sees the line* Umm... Scratch that. Timmies in MNT it is.

4. I wonder when TBT was built... Probably 1970 something.

5. Nah has to be earlier than that. Maybe 1960. 

6. *People stop walking in front of me* Wait. What. Excuse me?

7. You have the nerve to stop in the middle of the walkway to talk!?!

8. Really?

9. Ugh, people are so annoying.

10. Okay now I’m in MNT - time to climb some stairs.

11. Phew. Okay, now to Timmies.

12. What. The. Hell. That line is so long.

13. We need to start a petition for more Tim Hortons on campus. 

14. Where does my tuition money even go? Clearly not to things that matter, like more Timmies. 

15. Wait, how much OSAP money do I still have?

16. *Walks into room 215 MNT* Okay. Find an end seat so if I need the washroom I can leave quietly.

17. Damn they're all taken.

18. Front it is.

19. *Opens laptop* I wonder what's happening on Insta. 

20. Done scrolling… What's up on Facebook.

21. Oh nice a new Narcity article.

22. LOOOOL 10 Struggles For People Who Don't Speak French In Ottawa. This is me.

23. *Lecture ends* Wait, what class was I in again?

24. Okay now I have class in Simard 4th floor. F*ck. 

25. Damn, I should have packed my gym clothes for this.

26. One set done. Three to go.

27. PHEW I’m done. Seriously my tuition should pay for an elevator in Simard!

28. *Sits in class* Wait when was the last time I came to this class?

29. Of course the day I come we have to do a group practice assignment.

30. FML.

31. Okay, class is done time to head back downstairs.

32. MOVE IT, PEOPLE. We’re going down! How hard can this be!

33. Finally outside now and time to walk to SITE.

34. Hmm. Should I walk or bus.

35. Since the path between MRN and SITE is under construction, bus it is.

36. *gets to bus stop* 

37. Ummmmmm it’s been 15 mins I should have just walked.

38. *Sees a 95* OMG finally!

39. Alright now to SITE.

40. Wow I bet all these people are getting off at SITE or Lees. Why'd they even build Lees so far away?

41. Okay, my stop.

42. I love SITE, I wish it were more central on campus.

43. The Timmies is so nice here.

44. I'll go grab an Iced Capp.

45. *Sees line*

46. Hold on, hold on, f*ck that shit. Nope. 

47. I guess I'll just wait outside my class.

48. Oh I think the previous lecture is done.

49. I'll just check.

50. *Opens door loudly*

51. FML. It’s not done yet. I was THAT person. 

52. Finally, people are starting to come out.

53. *Sits down* Alright last class of the day. *stomach growls loudly* 

54. Why me. 

55. F*ck I need to use the washroom and the only way I can leave is walking in front of the prof.

56. *Cries* I am so done with today. 

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