60 Thoughts Everyone Has While Taking The OC Transpo

Rely on them to be sort of on time, sometimes.

The OC Transpo is an extremely large bus service that runs throughout all of Ottawa. The OC Transpo is essential for people who go to school, work around the city, and to get anywhere downtown. With all these frequent bus rides Ottawa residents are taking, you can definitely expect there to be something to complain about.

It's so much easier to take the bus than to drive in Ottawa. Or is it? The OC Transpo is an amazing transit service, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its problems. I know it sounds really fun to stand out in -40 weather at Baseline and see 3 95X Baseline busses drive by, but we'd all rather not. So here are 60 thoughts you've probably had on an average day riding the OC Transpo.

1. Damn, it's hot as hell outside.

2. Why is every bus stop so far away from my house?

3. I guess around the block isn't too far...

4. Did I lock my front door?!

5. Well, hopefully I'm not robbed in broad daylight.

6. Alright. Where is this bus?

7. Has the OC Transpo ever been on time?

8. *Checks BusBuddy app*

9. Great. It's delayed 5 minutes.

10. *Checks BusBuddy app again*

11. It says it's 0 minutes away...

12. How does an app lie to you? Is this for real?

13. Yaasssss! There it is!

14. "Hi! Good morning!"

15. Well, not good. Since you're 6 minutes late.

16. Where to sit... where to sit...

17. Obviously my favourite spot is taken. Is the seat by the second door ever free?

18. Why would anyone ever willingly sit in the accordion part of the bus?

19. Does it make me anti-social trying to find a spot where the least amount of people are?

20. OMG! Did I forget my headphones?

21. Nononononooooo!

22. *Rummages through bag*

23. *Finds headphones*

24. God does exist.

25. Okay. Wow. We get it's hot out but this AC is too much. I'm blue.

26. Should I say something?

27. No. I won't be that person.

28. This bus is packed yet no one is sitting beside me...

29. Honestly, #blessed.

30. Wait.

31. Is it 'cause I smell bad?

32. I showered last night... Or did I dream that?

33. Am I everyone's last resort?

34. I'm so dramatic.

35. Maybe I'm too intimidating? Resting bitch face is REAL, ya'll.

36. Alright. Someone is walking towards you. Smile at them.

37. *Smiles awkwardly*

38. Finally! Now I have a bus friend.

39. K no. I'm claustrophobic now.

40. I regret everything.

41. *Deep breath*

42. Why did we just pull over?

43. Where is the bus driver going?! Sir?!

44. *Looks out window*

45. Ah, a Tim Horton's run. Not like any of us have anywhere to be.

46. Honestly though, I could go for an Iced Capp and a maple glazed donut...

47. But #summerbodygoals.

48. What should I eat for lunch today?

49. Am I ever not thinking about food?

50. Oh wow. What is that smell?

51. I get that it's +30 outside but...

52. It literally takes 5 seconds to put on deodorant?

53. Okay. I need to chill. Just two more stops and I'm off this tube of hell.

54. Is that enough time for a nap?

55. Why do people still ring the bell at Baseline? We're clearly going to stop.

56. Genuinely embarrassed.

57. "Excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me. Sorry!"

58. Well, that wasn't as awkward today.

59. Oh my God. Can you at least wait until I get off the bus to get on?

60. Ah, fresh air. Finally.

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