7 Awesome Places You Can Get A Green Juice In Ottawa If You Are Hungover AF

Lettuce help you beet this sickness with the radish vitamins.

Everyone knows that when you're hungover, you either have no appetite at all or you want the greasiest food you can find. You usually end up at brunch with your makeup still on from the night before, dreading the feeling you're going to have after downing that huge meal that you definitely didn't need. Even though your body is craving all of those bad foods, it's the last thing it actually needs. Aside from tons of water and a shower, your body is actually dying for vitamins and minerals.

Detoxing your body from all of those toxins that you just put into it probably doesn't sound so amazing when you have a pounding headache and a sick stomach. However, your body will thank you once you give it the right medicine. Green juice, or any kind of pressed juice, will help your body recover by using foods to heal itself. In this case, a liver detoxing one (which most juice places have) would definitely benefit your body and mind after a night out.

Now, I'm not saying this is proven to make your hangover completely disappear within in the first few sips. However, instead of feeding your body grease, feeding your body with the nutrients it lost will only benefit you in the long run. So down a green juice (with or without ibuprofen) and feel your body slowly rejuvenate.

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SimplyRaw Express // 989 Wellington Street

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Pure Kitchen // 340 Elgin Street, 357 Richmond Road

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Freshii // 98 Sparks Street, 50 Laurier Avenue

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Modern Body // 2194 Carling Avenue

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Renew Cold Press // All Locations Here

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Bridgehead // All Locations Here

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Urban Juice Press // 340 Parkdale Unit B (Entrance On Spencer), 380 Elgin In The Common Eatery

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