7 Badass Fitness Classes In Ottawa That Will Get You Toned AF

Sweat, blood and tears, oh my!
7 Badass Fitness Classes In Ottawa That Will Get You Toned AF

"Ugh. I don't want to work out at all." Don't you envy those individuals who always seem motivated to workout? Same. However, they most likely feel that way because working out doesn't actually feel like working out to them. It's so important to find a class that you want to go to instead of dreading it every single time. Even Jillian Michaels has those days where she doesn't want to workout–it happens to the best of us.

If you find yourself avoiding the gym at all costs, then you need a change of scenery. The goal of working out shouldn't just be to have a nice body–you should also want to work out for the amazing health benefits as well as the love you have for your own body. Have you ever heard of the quote 'Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it'? Well, it's true, my friends. However, that doesn't mean that you should be bored while working out. These 7 badass exercise classes are guaranteed to give you a toned AF body, while promising no boredom.

1. Orangetheory Fitness // 1001 Dazé Street

Orangetheory Fitness is a 60-minute workout that includes multiple intervals to get your heart rate to skyrocket. This HIIT workout creates EPOC, which is also known as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. EPOC increases your metabolic rate, which means you burn calories anywhere from 24 to 36 hours AFTER your workout. Amazing stuff, eh? They provide you with a heart rate monitor, so you'll know exactly where your heart rate should be and how fast it should slow down. You can typically burn 500 to 1000 calories in one session of Orangetheory Fitness.

2. Greco Fitness // Multiple Locations

Greco Fitness is all about two things: their customers health, and circuit training. Their most popular program is the Lean & Fit, which most people do if they want to get into shape in a small amount of time. All of Tony Greco's classes use circuit training as their main way to blast calories. Circuit training is amazing for people who want to get things done quickly, since there is zero rest until after the circuit is done. Your heart rate stays elevated, so you're blasting calories like crazy. They also offer kickboxing, martial arts, HIIT workouts, and other killer workouts that will leave your body toned AF.

3. DOUVRIS Martial Arts // Multiple Locations

DOUVRIS Martial Arts is a great place to get into shape, since they have so many options available for you. If you're really looking to get a toned and sexy body, then I recommend the TBT classes. The Total Body Training classes, specifically the power and precision classes, are all about movement and kickboxing. Kickboxing is known to give you an unreal body, and it also can get all your unnecessary anger out. You can also go at your own speed if you're a beginner and you can work your way up until you are the badass you want to be.

 4. iNSiDE Out STUDiO barre // 1416 Wellington Street West

If you're not familiar with the barre class trend, let me tell you a little about this amazing class. Barre is basically a combination of strength training, yoga, pilates and a ballet barre and you work on each muscle group using tiny movements to fatigue the muscle so it blasts fat and sculpts beautiful muscles. A lot of celebrities use this workout method to get a ballerina/dancer body, which is long, lean and toned. It's a 60-minute workout and it is great after a stressful day–the workout is perfect for those who want a healthier mind and to gain more confidence.

5. Ottawa Pole Fitness // 1066 Somerset Street West

Ottawa Pole Fitness is the coolest and hottest way to get into shape. If you truly want to feel like a badass, nothing will make you feel like one more than exercising on a pole. They have levels for every fitness level and you'll never feel insecure doing it. Pole dancing is a great way to build lean muscle, erase fat and increase flexibility and coordination. You may not think of this as a workout, but it's more than intense and will get you an amazing body. You'll be beaming with confidence after trying this type of exercise!

6. Pure Yoga Ottawa // Multiple Locations

Don't think you can get a tight and toned body from yoga? Think again. All of the classes at Pure Yoga are set in a hot room, so while you're working on that hot body, you'll be flushing out all of the toxins and you'll be glowing after class. Doing hot yoga makes your heart rate increase, so you'll be working harder than you would in a normal yoga class. Hot yoga isn't just good for the body, but it's amazing for your mind as well. While you're holding a position, you'll be working on your breathing which puts you in a relaxed state.

7. Wheelhouse Cycle Inc. // 1279 Wellington Street West

A dance party + an interval session + an unreal upper body session = a 50 minute liberating cycling class. While you're cycling your strong legs away, you'll also be working every other part of your body as well. Your heart rate will be up and will be racing like crazy, which will make sure you are shedding calories. By the end of the session, you'll be on such a high that you'll feel like you're on a cloud. Cycling is great for the heart, the mind, and of course, the body. If you're looking for a different but liberating workout class, you've found it here.

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