Super sorry if you now have that Thrift Shop song stuck in your head. Anyway.

It's hard to be a student, or work full-time and still be expected to dress to the nines. We all want to look our best, but living in Ottawa and all it's expenses can break the bank. That's why thrift shops and consignment shops are sent from the heavens above.

If you're a self-proclaimed hipster, you'll find unique pieces that no one has at the thrift shops. And if you love designer pieces, you'll probably be in your glory at most of the consignment shops. You'll look sharp AF and save money. It's a win win!

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1. Rikochet Resale // Multiple Locations

This women's fashion consignment shop is one of the most popular in Ottawa. They offer high end brands that look brand new, and no one will ever know you didn't pay full price for it. Who says saving money has to look tacky?

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2. Ragtime Vintage Clothing // 43 Flora Street

If you're a vintage lover, you need to check out Ragtime Vintage Clothing. Located in an adorable fuchsia building, Ragtime has every unique piece you'll ever need and more. Prepare yourself if you're making a trip, you'll be overwhelmed with so many amazing options.

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3. AMH Style // 1440 Wellington Street West

AMH Style is the perfect place for those fashionistas who still want to save money. They're filled with amazing brands and affordable brands that are even more affordable in their store. If you love designer items but refuse to break the bank for one purse, you've found your own heaven.

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4. Plato's Closet // 80 Marketplace Avenue

Plato's Closet is a trendy, secondhand clothing store for young women. They have all the brand names you could want, and no one will ever know you got that adorable outfit from a secondhand clothing store.

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5. St. Vincent De Paul // Multiple Locations

This thrift store is perfect for if you're really trying to save money. Similar to Value Village, you can get unique pieces (especially furniture) that people will be so jealous of. If you're a student or just someone who likes to save money, you can find great deals here on basically everything that you would need for your home and wardrobe.

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6. Bibles for Missions // Multiple Locations

Bibles for Missions is a small thrift shore that sells unique items you can't get anywhere else. It's a hidden gem, and going there with only $20 in your pocket will get your more than you need. From books to purses, you'll be golden at Bibles for Missions.

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7. Clothes Encounters of a Second Time // 67 Beechwood Avenue