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7 Brutally Honest Descriptions Of Carleton University Faculties

I spent four years at Carleton University, and you could say over the years I picked up many things. Carleton is dubbed "Last Chance U" by students who left Ottawa to pursue their post secondary education, rather than staying in Ottawa. If you went to uOttawa, your favourite pastime was trashing Carleton. While I had many ups and downs, it was truly a time and I am so glad to have done my undergrad there.

Carleton is a blend of everything from obnoxious profs, crazy sports fans to the underground world of engineering students. All the faculties have things that set them from apart from each other, making them all a riot to meet. Here is my insight on the truly, brutal descriptions of the type of people you encounter within the faculties!


Types of programs: B.As in Literature, History, Philosophy, Women and Gender Studies etc.

Description: Pretty much every vegan, animal rights activist and feminist can be found in the Arts faculty of Carleton. They are the ones people question every time they mention their program, "what do you even do with an arts degree?", "are you going to work in a museum?", "you can major in Greek and Roman studies, wtf?". Generally dressed very hip, these are the students who give way too much insight on life, things beyond life and why our forefathers were right to predict global warming. When they talk about a heavy course load, people laugh.

Engineering and Design

Types of programs: Mechanical and Aerospace, Tech and Design, Computer etc.

Description: The ones who live in the Mackenzie engineering building and rarely see the light of day. During Frosh week, these are the people who think getting decked out in purple dye is the way to make them more approachable and friendly (I know there is actually significance to the purple madness, but whatever). They will occasionally creep out of Mackenzie...if they are not dying in notes, labs and assignments from the moment they step onto CU soil in first year. Be nice to them- they suffer enough!

Sprott (Business)

Types of programs: Commerce, International Business, Accounting etc.

Description: All Hail the Sport students! They think they are the royal faculty of CU. I am not kidding. Having a conversation with a Sprott student is quite difficult at times when their pretentious manner seeps through. They are the world travelers with the most exchange opportunities (looking at you IB students). All that aside, they are some of the most fun people to party with. I can't remember a single CU party story that didn't involve a good Sprott student story. They mean well, even if they are really cliquey.


Types of programs: Chemistry, Biology, Earth and Health sciences etc.

Description: Ever see a student frantically booking it from one lab to another while struggling to put on a white lab coat and goggles and looking like they maybe slept 4 hours? That would be a CU science student. Stacie building is their home, and the lockers in that area are there two minute breaks. If you're friends with one you know you will see them first year...and then maybe at grad in fourth year if they have made it out alive.

Public Affairs

Types of programs: Law, Political Economy, PAPM (google it) etc.

Description: Your future lawyers, politicians, charity do-gooders. They are the friend who will keep you up with current events from present to past, whether or not you want to be in the know. They love to drink and while drunk they are literally the same person. Don't get into an argument with them, because you do not stand a chance of winning and will instead want to crawl into a hole. While journalism and communication programs fall under this faculty, they deserve their own section (see below). They all live in Ollies.

Journalism and Communications

Types of programs: Journalism, Media Communications (duh)

Description: Okay so this is not a separate faculty, but with the way we act it may as well be. I say "we" since I am a CU Comms major. The thing with Journo and Comms students is that while on the surface they may get along, deep down they cannot stand each other. That usually shines through when you accidentally as a Journo major if they're in comms (or vice versa) and you practically get your head bitten off. Like, how dare you say that! Journo students love to think they are the higher breed seeing as CU is known to have the best journo program; they take comms classes as "easy" electives. While they may be great at writing "stories" no one can bullshit a paper like a Comms kid. Also try telling a Comms major that Richcraft hall (RIP River Building) is just for Journo students. You will never see some get mad faster.


Types of programs: ...architecture???

Description: These poor souls get their own section for the soul purpose that their program is refereed to as "archi-torture". Long nights, gruesome projects and expectations so high you are literally being tortured. But boy, is there work stunning. Honestly, I am writing this section as a arch-student appreciation post!

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