Sometimes we think that in order for it to be a road trip, it needs to be miles and miles away. You don't need to spend 8 hours in a car to have a fun road trip! One hour is enough for jams, snacks, and to make memories with whoever you're with!

These one-hour road trips will take you to fun and memorable places around Ottawa. If you want to stay overnight, you totally can! But these are easy enough that you can wake up and go, and come back before you're too exhausted. Escape the city with these 7 exciting road trips. 

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Calypso Theme Waterpark 


Who doesn't love a good waterpark? During the summer it's the best place to be whether you go with family, friends, or your bae. The best thing about Calypso is that it's not too far, but you still feel like you're out of the city. If you think waterparks are for kids, once you're at Calypso, you'll totally change your mind. You can get a day pass or a season pass, and either way you won't regret it!


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Smokie Ridge Vineyard


This family owned vineyard is a perfect place to road trip to. All of their wines are to die for, and no matter who you go with you'll find one wine that you'll want to take home. They've had paint and wine nights in the past, and that's the perfect summer night activity! You can go here for a birthday, a date, or just a celebration.


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Parc Omega 


While we tend to see a ton of wildlife running around in Ottawa, it's a lot more fun to go to a wildlife park and hang out with the cute animals. You can go on a car tour and feed the animals through the window, or get out of your car and hang out with them! From deer, to coyote, to moose, you won't want to miss the opportunity to feed and pet the animals.


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Mississippi Mills

Almonte is one of the cutest towns in Ontario. Not only is a great to roam for the day, but the Mississippi River Falls makes you feel like you're at a mini Niagara Falls. They don't have the basics shops that you would see in a big city, but that's what makes it so amazing. Make sure to eat at the Barley Mow where you're right by the falls!


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Brockville Railway Tunnel 


This stunning railway tunnel was Canada's first railway tunnel. As of summer of 2017 and after a few years of construction, it opened to the public and now we can all see the beauty for ourselves. The lights on the side illuminate the entire tunnel which makes it so Instagram worthy. Check out this historic site for yourself!


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Eagles Nest Lookout


If you haven't hiked up this trail yet, then you're missing out! This lookout point, which you'll get to by a 4 mile hike, is so beautiful. The trail goes gradually uphill, but then stops at a 120 metre high cliff. If you're afraid of heights, this is the perfect way to conquer it!


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1000 Islands Cruises 


I spent half of my childhood in Gananoque, so when people don't see it as special, I get a little offended. The small town is actually one of the cutest spots, and if you find it boring, you can go on a boat tour of the 1000 Islands. You can find cute restaurants and cafes in Gananoque as well, and since it's so close to home, you can make it a quick day trip!