A lot of people are pretty divided on camping. Some consider it just to be pure nonsense and nothing more than being homeless for fun. Others, like myself, consider it a Canadian rite of passage. Screw the haters - I like sleeping outside.

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Being right across the river from Gatineau Park, us Ottawans are lucky and can head to the great outdoors in less than 15 minutes. Even if you're not the outdoorsy type, the city's always in your backyard. Plus, camping doesn't mean you have to sleep in a tent. Some select sites in the park have ready-to-go campsites that are prepared ahead of time for your convenience.

So, what are you waiting for? Here's 7 of our favourite Gatineau camp sites that you need to hit up before the summer's over:

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La Pêche Lake

32 campsites exist at 12 different locations across the lake. At the lake, you can rent canoes and kayaks to get to these different points, if you wish. Campsites are unserviced, but include a fire pit, a hangar for food and garbage, as well as a picnic table. As well, there is an outhouse nearby. You can reserve a site right here.

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Lac Philippe (4-season tents)

No need for a tent, glampers. These famous four-season tents operate year-round and provide a ready-made shelter for all campers on Lac Philippe. The tents don't have electricity, but are equipped with a stove, a nearby outhouse and two bunks that can comfortably accommodate four people. You can reserve a site right here.

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Lac Taylor

The rustic campsite on Lac Taylor has 33 unserviced campsites with dry toilet facilities and drinking water. Also included on the sites are a fire pit, picnic table and parking. You can reserve a sight right here.

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Lac Renaud

Offered on this small, quiet lake are 25 unserviced campsites for both tents and tent trailers. On-site are fire grills, outhouses, drinking water and picnic tables. You can reserve a sight right here.

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Camping Cantley

Just outside of Cantley and near the Gatineau River, there's over 300 campsites with sanitary buildings and other commodities. This site's perfect for people who want to get outdoors but want the facilities of the city nearby. You can book a site right here.

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Lac Brown

​​​​​​​Another glamping site, but more well-equipped than those at Lac Philippe. The Brown Lake Cabin can accommodate 17 people and has other luxury amenities like a refrigerator. You can book the cabin right here.

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Camping L'Ange Gardien

This campground has over 75 serviced sites, as well as unserviced for those who are looking for just simple camping. Located east of Gatineau, you're right in the middle of the forest, surrounded by trees, and you're also within arms reach of accessible amenities. It's, overall, a solid spot for first-time campers. You can book a sight on their website here.