Fall seems to be the perfect time to go out and explore nature. The temperature is just right when it comes to discovering some pretty cool hiking trails, and whether you're an avid hiker or just love going on walks, these seven Ottawa hikes to do this fall are sure to help you bring in the new season with a glimpse of the changing colours and its crisp weather. The great thing about these trails is that they are all free to discover!

Walk Through Mer Bleue Bog Trail

Price: Free (subject to parking fees)

Address: Ridge Road, Ottawa, K0A 2Y0

Why You Need To Go: You can be one with nature while taking in the fall, crisp breeze. Through this trail, you can find boardwalks perfect enough to capture nature's beauty and make a stunning IG pic.

Explore Pink Lake Trail

Price: Free admission and parking

Address: Gatineau Park, 33 Scott Road, Chelsea, Quebec

Why You Need To Go: Although the water isn't necessarily pink, it really does take your breath away. Catching this scenery is definitely worth taking a walk through its trail. Being in Gatineau Park, there's just so much to see while you're there.

Venture Through King Mountain

Price: Free Parking

Address: Champlain Parkway, Chelsea, Quebec

Why You Need To Go: This is possibly the easiest "mountain" a novice hiker will be able to climb, so there's no need to sweat about the difficulty. You can take in the season changes from summer to fall with a lookout like this.

Stroll Through Rideau Falls Park

Price: Free

Address: 50 Sussex Drive, Ottawa

Why You Need To Go: Waterfalls in any season are always an awesome scene to take in. The proximity of Rideau Falls Park to the city makes it a perfect day trip, even if you're out with your friends or on a date. This little "hike" is totally worth it.

Hike Through Rockcliffe Park And The Rockeries

Price: Free

Address: Rockcliffe Driveway, Ottawa

Why You Need To Go: Nothing is better than ending your hike with a beautiful view of Ottawa. Although you're still close to the city, catching the stillness of the water is so calming, especially when you want to escape the city life.

Climb Through Manitou Mountain Trail

Price: Free

Address: Barrett Chute Road, Calabogie

Why You Need To Go: If you're an avid hiker - or have at least done a couple of hikes in your day - then this trail will be a breeze. The great thing about this trail is that you can come across three amazing mountain top views: Eagles Nest, Manitou Mountain, and Red Arrow Rock. How often can you say that?!

Morris Island Conservation Area

Price: Free

Address: Morris Island Drive, Fitzroy Harbour

Why You Need To Go: This is the perfect place to see the leaves change colours and say "hello" to fall. This beautiful scenery will add a pop of colour to your Instagram feed. Although it's not much of a strenuous hike, this trail will lead you to the most beautiful scenes nature has to offer.

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