Earlier this month, Ryan Reynolds shocked the city when he revealed that he actually used to live in Ottawa. While it’s been years since the actor lived in O-Town, he keeps proving to us just how much he loves the capital. Fortunately, the city is full of Hollywood-inspired properties that are fit for a superstar. If anything is going to bring him back, these Ottawa mansions might just do it!

Over the last couple of weeks, it seems Ryan Reynolds just can’t get enough of O-Town.

From becoming BFF’s with the city’s mayor, to donating some serious cash to Ottawa’s charities, it seems there’s nothing the Deadpool actor won’t do for Canada’s capital city.

He’s even been hanging out with Ottawa’s fifth graders!

Until recently, Reynolds hadn’t shared much information about his short time here. However, just a week ago, he revealed that he actually lived in Vanier, and he even shared his exact condo location!

Sadly, the Vancouver-born actor hasn’t lived in the city for years. 

However, if he was considering a move back to Canada’s capital, there’s plenty of Hollywood-inspired properties that would be fit for him, and his famous family.

From fancy mansions in the Ottawan suburbs, to actual castles in Quebec, we’re sure Reynolds would be more-than-happy in one of these local homes. 

Say goodbye to New York, Ryan ... It's time to come home!

Modern Mansion

Price: $2,688,000

Address: 2 Oriole Dr., Ottawa, ON

Description: This smart-AF property is located in one of Ottawa's most prestigious neighbourhoods, and it's as sleek and modern as they come. With 19ft ceilings and a luxury kitchen, this home is made for celebrities!

[image 5eab3959d9243f0b0b77d033]

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Canadian Castle

Price: $2,998,000

Address: 992 Rue du Rivage, Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu, QC

Description: This Canadian castle would be the perfect home for a Canadian icon. The European-style estate has three reception halls, terraces, gardens, private suites and a huge guest house, so Hugh Jackman can visit anytime!

[image 5eab375bc047720af790a290]

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Laval Mega-Mansion

Price: $3,888,000

Address: 170 Avenue de la Seigneurie, Laval, QC

Description: This Hollywood-style mansion has a whopping 18 rooms, including 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Whatever the Reynolds family is used to in NYC, this mega-mansion near Ottawa has got to be comparable!

[image 5eab35f2c047720af790a25f]

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Ottawan Oasis

Price: $5,000,000

Address: 263 Soper Pl., Ottawa, ON

Description: Located on a 20,000 square ft. private lot, this oasis has three levels of luxury. It's modern, secluded and mega-fancy, so it's perfect for anybody who wants to hide away and unwind.

[image 5eab3a99ec91aa0b03248117]

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Waterfront Mansion & Private Beach

Price: $1,400,000

Address: Lac-Simon, QC

Description: I bet you don't have a private beach in New York, Ryan! This Quebec mansion has its own sandy beach, and is located along the riverside. Even better, it's being sold with all of its existing fabulous furniture, so moving here is as easy as 1,2,3.

[image 5eab34aaec91aa0b03248080]

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Contemporary Chateau

Price: $2,400,000

Address: 471 Broadview Ave., Ottawa, ON

Description: This contemporary chateau is super bougie, and it's the perfect spot for a famous face. Nestled away in a quiet Ottawa neighborhood, this award-winning home is perfect for "luxurious living" and "sophisticated entertaining." Fancy!

[image 5eab3bb30863360af5a39e6c]

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45 Rooms For Ryan

Price: $4,988,000

Address: 5 Rue de Dublin, Candiac, QC

Description: Nothing compares to this property, which is located around two hours from Ottawa. While it's a bit of a drive from downtown, it's big enough to invite all your friends and family to stay! With a whopping 45 rooms inside, it's perfect for anybody who wants to entertain.

It's also got a solarium with an indoor pool, spa, sauna and hammam.

What are you waiting for, Ryan?!

[image 5eab38230863360af5a39e08]

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