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7 Ottawa Psychics That Have The Answers To All Your Questions

It's the future they can see.
7 Ottawa Psychics That Have The Answers To All Your Questions

Whether you believe in psychics or not, we can all benefit from someone giving insight into our lives who don't know a thing about us. We all go through heartbreak, hard times and issues that we just can't seem to find a way out of.

Psychics don't cast a spell or tell you all the awful things you anticipate happening. They are there to guide you along the path of life, which you can choose to take or not. And while some may choose to believe they're not real, those who have connected with a psychic know that the stuff they tell you can be amazing and right on point. I have been to a few myself, and what they have told me has blown me away.

Each psychic has a different way to tap into your energy, but you'll know if you've found a good one. Those are the ones who act like they've known you for 10 years when you've only been talking for 10 minutes. If you still don't believe in them, try it out for yourself and check out one of these 7 Ottawa psychics!

1. Colleen McIntosh

Colleen has always been super into spirituality, and working as a palliative care nurse for two decades really helped her come to terms with her own gifts. She considers herself a psychic as well as a healer for more than 18 years and is best known for reiki, psychic/tarot card readings, mediumship, hypnosis, and meditation classes. She also offers psychic development classes for anyone who believes they have the special gift to help out others.

2. Jennifer Hall 

Jennifer is a psychic medium who can channel the energy of loved ones who have passed. She can tell you anything from career paths, to love and relationships, and can sense important life purposes and issues whether that's from the past present or future. She states that she used to ignore her spiritual side as a child but then soon recognized that she was given this amazing gift to help others. She works with reiki, IET, meditation and healing crystals to help her connect deeper with spirits.

3. Jessica Nightingale

Jessica is a psychic medium who deals with spirit guides in order to guide you along your life's ultimate purpose. She can tap into your spirit team, which she says are spirit guides, angels and passed loved ones in order to get insight into your past present and future. She also offers reiki and crystal therapy, paranormal disturbances and workshops to help you understand the spirit world and how it works. And if you have a dream that's weighing heavy on you and you just cannot figure it out, she can help you with that as well. If you can't make it to her, she offers email and Skype readings.

4. Wendy James

Wendy James is a well known psychic medium in Ottawa and has been featured in several media outlets throughout the city. She offers readings from personal, to pet readings, to couple readings, and also does house parties if you are interested in that. She is able to tap into your energy by using tarot cards that you choose and connect with, and can also connect with those who have passed as well. Her company Luv Dragons offers several other psychics as well that are just as amazing as she is.

5. Jewels Rafter

Other than being a radio host, Jewels is a bestselling author, clairvoyant, spiritual life coach, and healer. She believes spirits guide you along the path you're supposed to be on, rather than giving you definite answers. She is a huge believer in holistic treatment and will give you all the messages she hears in order to help heal.

6. Ken Mason

Ken Mason has been working as a psychic medium for over 20 years, and is known internationally for his gift. He is able to speak to loved ones who have passed, speaking with your own spirit guides as well as using tarot and angel cards along with his own psychic intuition. His readings are always positive, and he will do his best to guide you in the direction you need to go in order to make the best life you can.

7. Laura Traplin

Laura Traplin offers phone readings, which comes through the same as an in person reading would. She connects to your energy and that allows the spirit guides to guide her along. She believes that these readings can guide you and help heal some clients that are looking to speak with loved ones who have passed. She loves to help people, which is why she offers psychic development classes for those who are interested. Laura believes that using the Law of Attraction as well as the help from spirit guides will ultimately land you your dream life.

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