7 Outdoor Activities Around Kingston To Cross Off Your Bucket List This Summer

7 Outdoor Activities Around Kingston To Cross Off Your Bucket List This Summer

We may be the limestone city, but we all know we have more than just rocks. Kingston is luckily smack dab in the middle of some of the most beautiful nature that our technology obsessed minds know of. 

And though there ain't no mountain high enough and ain't no valley (or Lake) low enough to keep us from getting outdoors in the summer, there may be a case of "stay in bed all day and watch netflix-itis" (it's a thing). But these places are ones that will top even the greatest Netflix original. Go and get your summer adventure on and switch up your routine by connecting back to your roots and embracing your wild side. 

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Go Paddle Boarding // Lake Ontario 

Have the itch to get out on the water but you don't have a yacht (yet)? Head down to Ahoy Rentals on Ontario Street and take out a paddle board with your squad for an awesome adventure. They also offer canoeing, kayaking, dinghy sailing and cycling.

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Go Fresh Water diving // Lake Ontario 

Feel like you're rolling in the tropics by taking a scuba diving adventure, on twist? It's right in Lake Ontario. Go to see the unreal shipwrecks (over 10 to find!) hidden under the waters you thought you knew so well from the pier! Runs May to October.

Check out all the info here!

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Scenic Bike Ride // Cornwall 

Why not take your next bike ride up to the next level? Head to Cornwall for one of the most scenic bike routes of your life. Right along Ontario's Waterfront Trail, you'll find a 30km route between Upper Canada Village and Cornwall that won't disappoint as it takes you through a bird sanctuary, waterfront parks, and even an open air museum!

Check out Map My Ride for some diverse route around the area.

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Bonnechere Caves // Eganville 

Explore a cave? In Ontario? OUI OUI MY FRIEND. Head to Eganville for a unique experience exploring the underground caves! The guides at Bonnechere Caves are known for being extremely knowledgeable and hilarious - making your trip extremely worthwhile.

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Yoga Retreat // South Frontenac 

Pretty much a zen summer camp. In a scenic abandoned barn in South Frontenac. Studio 330 has been one of Kingston's most respected and popular Yoga studios for their authentic teaching practices and the teacher's genuine compassion. Find your new comfort zone in the country, you may never look back.

Check out the dates for this summer's retreats on their Facebook page!

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Rock Dunder // Lyndhurst 

Rock Dunder is the classic bucket list hike for locals (and non-alike). Open from May 15th to November 15th there are three trails you can take (1.3km, 2km, or 3.9km), the Summit Loop will get you a fantastic view of the Rideau Waterway. Happy hiking!

Check out more info here.

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Trail Riding // Ottawa Valley 

At Horse Country Campground trail rides you can experience nature from a different perspective (hahaha get it? Because you're on a horse?). A little further away from Kingston, this place is great spot to take a day trip too. Why not spend the day trotting through the woods with your squad? Better learn how to ride side saddle to really be the Queen's you are.

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Boat Cruise through the 1000 Islands // Brockville 

Explore the legendary 1000 islands with 1000 Islands & Seaway Cruises! Whether your are there for a romantic dinner cruise or to visit the Boldt & Singer Castles - you'll make some awesome summer memories. Get those #views.

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