There will always be a place in my heart for Tim's bagels, but Ottawa's also home to a number of locally-sourced bagels that can satisfy what no Timmy's sesame bagel with cream cheese can ever do. To be completely honest, I'll be taking something made from scratch by a Montreal-born baker over a chain bagel any day. Of course, we have Kettleman's, but Ottawa's rich with a vast amount of places to get a bagel, whether you like it plain or as a sandwich filled with heaps of Montreal Smoked Meat.

The bagel scene is pretty well spread out around the capital, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a gem located near you.

Here's 7 of the best places to get a tasty bagel in Ottawa:

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1. Ottawa Bagelshop & Deli // 1321 Wellington St. West

The Ottawa Bagelshop & Deli has been serving Ottawa Montreal-Styled bagels for over 30 years and has set the standard for bagel excellence in the city, literally. This shop was the first in Ontario to have a legal wood-burning oven for bagels. Another fact: Their master-baker, Toi Doi, who started working here from the very opening, still works here. Their Montreal Smoked Meat bagels are always packed with a hefty 150g of meat, so you'll never be disappointed here.

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2. Cadmans Montreal Bagels // 2177 Carling Ave.

The bagels here are fresh-rolled daily and their wide selection of bagelwiches are always loaded with different ingredients. Their breakfast bagels with egg, cheese and bacon are always an easy go-to, but definitely don't miss out on their special with smoked salmon, cream cheese and served with a side of garlic olives.

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3. Continental Bagel Co. // 55 ByWard Market Square

Montreal bagels in the heart of Ottawa's ByWard Market. If you're downtown and craving for a quick bagel on the go, this is probably your best bet. For a shop that's right in the downtown core, their Montreal Smoked Meat and B.L.T bagelwiches are more than reasonably priced.

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4. Dunn's Deli // Various Locations

Bagel. Bennys. A combination of two of our favourite breakfast items served on a hot plate with home fries. Dunn's is known for their famous smoked meat sandwiches, but these open-faced bagels drenched in hollandaise have their own cult following.

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5. Pipolinka Bakery // 757 Chemin Riverside

A hidden gem located in the serene town of Wakefield in Gatineau, Pipolinka's owners, Phil and Kalina, make everything by hand. It's a local favourite, and you can taste the authenticity in their artisan Montreal-style bagels. It's a terrific place to grab a fresh snack before hiking in Gatineau Park or heading up to the nearby Vorlage ski hill.

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6. The Bagel Run // 2026 Tenth Line Rd.

The east end's favourite wood-stone fired bagels can be found right here in Orleans. The Bagel Run has been serving the east side of the city for over 25 years, from its location down the hill beside Place D'Orleans to its current location up the hill on Tenth Line. Their bagels are always warm and tender on the inside, and their homemade herb & garlic cream cheese is always worth taking home, too.

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7. Kettleman's Bagel // Various Locations

Of course, always saving the best for last. If you're ever seriously craving a bagel (when are we not), Kettleman's on Bank is always open 24 hours. It's within walking distance of Carleton, too, so they got your back, Ravens. I'm always preaching about their breakfast bagels but their Western bagelwich is something my heart will always desire. Don't forget to try their olive cream cheese. Absolutely. Magnificent.

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