What do cops and Homer Simpson have in common? A damn good taste in sweet treats, that's what. Luckily, when you're stopping by in Ottawa, you won't be short of these sugary, delectable deep fried rings.

Sure, you can stop by your local Tim Horton's, pick up a Boston cream donut and lose another round of Roll Up the Rim (yikes). There's nothing wrong with that, but let's talk local donuts and the diverse range of doughy sweets waiting behind pastry cases to be munched on.

Here's 7 places in Ottawa where you can pick up some of the city's best donuts:

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1. SuzyQ Doughnuts // 969 Wellington St. West

Oh SuzyQ, baby I love you, SuzyQ. Arguably the most famous independent donut shop in Ottawa, SuzyQ is the place where pretty much all of your donut dreams come true. It's located right in the heart of trendy Hintonburg and is the embodiment of Ottawa's growing, trendy food scene. You can play it safe and try some of their more traditional fare, like the cookies and cream donut, or their blue vanilla fruit loop, which is glazed with heavenly vanilla icing and topped off with flakes of -- you guessed it -- fruit loops.

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2. Art Is In Bakery // 250 City Centre Ave. #112

Never mind donuts, let's talk "kronuts." At Art Is In, which definitely serves a lot more than just donuts, they've modified the original formula and mixed our favourite pastry with croissants. They get a new filling every day, so you're always bound for a surprise.

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3. Rideau Bakery // 384 Rideau St. and 1666 Bank St.

Nothing makes a donut taste finer than knowing that you got it from a family-owned local business. Their donut and pastry trends are always transcending with the seasons. I want to point out that their sufganiyot that they make during Hannukah is top notch. They got a wide range of almost anything, though, from apple fritters to glazed donuts with chocolate on top.

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4. Little Jo Berry's // 1303 Wellington St. West

This one goes out to all of our vegan friends. Everything at Little Jo's is egg and dairy free, and they even have gluten-free options well and ready at their disposal. To keep things interesting, they have new donuts each day, but being the best place in the city to grab both a delicious and vegan donut, you won't be disappointed. Matcha donut, anyone?

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5. Maverick's Donut Company // 1500 Bank St.

As featured on our website, this new place on Bank Street is like a Subway for donuts. There's nothing off-limits here for getting creative about what goes in and on your donuts. Make things personal and express your individuality right here in the form of a delicious treat you can eat right after.

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6. Warsaw Polish Deli // 747 Richmond Rd.

Nothing is more essential to a Fat Tuesday than Polish paczki, and there's nothing more appropriate than grabbing them from one of Ottawa's best Polish deli's. Just because they're enjoyed particularly even more before Lent, that doesn't mean you can't eat them year-round. And, please, do eat them year-round if you can. Nothing makes me prouder to be Polish than paczki.

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7. Healthy Food Technologies // 25 Industrial Drive, Almonte, ON

The word "donut" seems to be particularly frowned upon by most dieticians. Clearly they never set foot in Healthy Food Technologies out in Almonte. The donuts here are made with 50 to 70 percent fat than usual and, just in case you haven't heard of this place in Almonte, it has caused a sensation. Don't wait for cheat day; come here.

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