7 Places That Will Make You Face Your Fears In Ottawa

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.
7 Places That Will Make You Face Your Fears In Ottawa

Fears. They're a tricky thing to live with. 

Some people like to call themselves fearless, however, I beg to differ. Whether you get a little anxious when you see a wasp fly by, or you can't breathe every time you think about flying, you have a fear. And no matter what that fear is, it seems like no one can talk you out of how silly it may be.

You probably don't need to go bungee jumping every single day for your dream job, but fears can definitely take a role in some part of your life. Maybe your friends want to go on a road trip to Canada's Wonderland but your fear of rollercoasters won't even let you step foot in the park. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. So I've gathered a list of things that you can do in Ottawa to get over some big fears that people may have. It's totally up to you if you want to face your fears, but once you do, you'll realize they aren't as scary as you thought!

1. Flying/Heights: Parachute GO Skydive // 1717 Rue Arthur-Fecteau

Heights are one of the most common fears, and I can agree, it makes everyone uneasy being so high up. Mix that in with flying, and you've got yourself a pretty big fear. A fear of flying can stop you from travelling, and it's just not worth it. So to get over both of those fears at once, skydiving would be the perfect way! You'll face your fears, and get one hell of an experience out of it!

2. Tight Spaces: Diefenbunker Museum // 3929 Carp Road

A fear of tight spaces, or better known as claustrophobia, is really a pain in the ass. You can't go to music festivals, you avoid shopping malls on the weekend, and you definitely dread the rush hour traffic on OC Transpo. What better way to get over that fear than with an underground tunnel with no windows, and where the exit is very far away. Coming from someone who has severe claustrophobia, I definitely would go here to get over my fear.

3. Snakes: Little Ray's Reptile Zoo // 5305 Bank Street

Having a fear of snakes definitely wouldn't ruin your life, since you don't come into contact with snakes on a regular basis. But they are some peoples biggest fear, and just thinking about them makes them shiver. At Little Ray's Reptile Zoo, you can hold a snake (or just touch one) and you'll see kids all around doing so without any fear. Some suggest it's the slithering around that creeps them out, and others are afraid they're poisonous which are both valid reasons. However, this is the perfect place to get over that fear and to get a cool experience out of it as well.

4. Ghosts/Haunted Places: Hi-Ottawa Jail Hostel // 75 Nicholas Street

Coming from someone who loves anything paranormal, I don't see the big deal about ghosts or haunted places. However, I can completely understand the fear, and know that some people just don't want to experience anything to do with things they can't control. Ghosts (if you believe in them or not) have a mind of their own, and can basically do whatever they want. So, what better way to get over that fear than to stay in a haunted jail cell of a former murderer? You can find more out about that here, but if you're still scared after this, I think that's acceptable.

5. Roller Coasters: Funhaven // 1050 Baxter Rd

Realistically, the only way to get over your fear of roller coasters is to ride one. Which is the last thing anyone with a fear of them wants to do. They're scary, very unpredictable and make you feel sick afterwards. Sounds so fun. However, Ottawa's first ever indoor roller coaster is an awesome place to get over that fear. Located in Funhaven, this small-ish roller coaster is big enough so you don't feel like you're a baby, but also not too big so that you have an anxiety attack before getting on. Ride it multiple times, and remember that these things are tested out hundreds of times before they let anyone on it!

6. Heights: Great Canadian Bungee // 1780 Route 105

Most people with a fear of heights would never even consider going bungee jumping, however, since it's just you alone instead of with an instructor like it is with skydiving, you are able to tackle this fear completely alone. A lot of the fear with bungee jumping is that something will happen with the cord, and that you won't make it out alive. But that's never, ever the case. I know a few people who have gone bungee jumping to get over their fears and while they said it was the scariest thing they've ever done, it was also the best. The adrenaline rush you have makes it all worth it, and you'll never fear heights again.

7. Spiders: National Gallery of Canada // 380 Sussex Drive

Spiders. It seems like everyone is afraid of those little guys. I'm personally not afraid of spiders, but I know so many people that are and it's a real fear to have. Even though they're little, they crawl like they have a purpose and they're just not very friendly looking. To get over your fear, it will help to realize that no spider will ever be as big as the one in front of the National Gallery of Canada. And thank the heavens for that. It may seem silly, but it would make sense if you were afraid of spiders because they were that big. Now shrink that one down to the size of a pea, and you've got a regular spider. See? Nothing to be afraid of.

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