Whether you're new to Ottawa or have been here forever, it's good to know that the vinyl scene is well and alive in the nation's capital. Especially in the downtown core, there's plenty of record shops to get your vinyl fix.

There's vinyl for all tastes of music in the city, from oldies to recently released albums. You're bound to go on a fun record treasure hunt when you're snooping through these 7 record stores in the city:

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1. The Record Centre // 1099 Wellington St. West

A little gem in the heart of trendy Hintonburg, the customer service at The Record Centre will make you feel like you're a part of a music-loving family as soon as you walk in. They got a rich collection of good condition and affordable vinyl. And, hey, if you're looking into getting vintage equipment as well, they got you covered.

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2. Birdman Sound // 593 Bank St.

A legend in its own right that's been around since 1991. They got a hugely diverse catalogue that you can browse through. Birdman's also big about supporting local musicians in the city and they got a truly authentic passion for everything music.

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3. Compact Music // 785 Bank St. and 206 Bank St.

So good, there's two. Compact has a massive selection for all music lovers and a knowledgeable, passionate staff that can back it all up. It's a local business at its finest. And, hey, they're always out to help the community, too. Ask the staff about local music events to check out.

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4. Legend Records // 1315 Wellington St. West

Take advantage of Legend now: They're moving their store to Westboro, so all their records priced over $10 (there's a lot) are 30% off. Nothing makes us happier than affordable vinyl. Also, they have a location in Kanata on 300 Eagleson Rd., for those on the west side of the city.

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5. The Turning Point // 411 Cooper St.

Two floors of music and movies. I guess it's something like paradise. On the second floor is where you'll find the vinyl, which makes up thousands of the store's collection of used music.

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6. Vinyl Destination // 107 Brock St. West.

This one's sort of off-the-map when it comes to Ottawa, but if you're taking a road trip that's passing by Smiths Falls, take a stop at Vinyl Destination in Merrickville along the way. It's a fairly new little place that was opened just in 2012. But, for such a small town, it has a huge collection of older records. They take pride in vintage and this shop is definitely worth checking out.

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7. Vertigo Records // 193 Rideau St.

Located right on Rideau Street around the ByWard Market, Vertigo Records is a centrally-located place that's a go-to for many music lovers across the city. Personally, it was the first record store I stepped in when I started my own collection. They got a rich collection of oldies, from Beatles albums to Led Zeppelin, to the newest hits. They got practically everything. To no surprise, their LP collection is over 15, 000 strong.

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