This weekend is Thanksgiving. Which typically means lots of food, lots of family time and of course, lots of alcohol. Us Ottawans find any reason to celebrate and making it through another family event is definitely a logical reason.

There are those lucky people who hardly get hungover no matter how much alcohol they consume. And then there's those other lucky few who get a brutal migraine just from one drink. Anyways, no matter who you are, after a long night of drinking you'll need to repair yourself with these tips:

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1. Get some fresh air by taking a walk around the Rideau Canal

Fresh air helps everything, and even though it's the last thing you'll want to do, I swear it will help. Drag a hungover friend along with you so you can both start to feel the benefits. After that long walk, you'll work up an appetite which brings me to my next tip...

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2. Have a hearty breakfast/brunch/lunch

Whenever you wake up, I guess. Anyways, it's so important to refuel your body after a long night out. You'll probably wake up starving and a little nauseous but you'll get over it with a big stack of pancakes. Whatever you do, don't order coffee. Coffee will dehydrate you and make you feel worse in the end. Ask your server for some tea instead, I recommend chamomile or ginger tea.

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3. Take a spontaneous tip to Nordik Spa-Nature

You certainly won't regret this choice. Relax by the pool all day, even in the winter, and repair from the night before. Even with a blasting headache, you won't even notice it because you'll be focused on unwinding.

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4. Get in those nutrients and vitamins with green juice

After a long, hard night out, your body is depleted of so many nutrients and vitamins. You're dehydrated, lethargic and probably feel like shit. By getting in all those nutrients with fresh pressed juice, you're giving your body everything it's craving. If you're feeling super sick, I recommend something with ginger in it. Ginger fixes everything!

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5. Drink a caesar to cure a hangover

Seems a little contradicting, right? Anyways, though it's not proven to help, many people enjoy drinking a caesar while they're hungover because they believe it makes them feel better. A lot of things in this world aren't proven but work, so I'd say go for it. Caesars are delicious, so it can't hurt (it probably can but don't blame me).

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6. Take a long (cold) yoga class

Don't mistake this for a hot yoga class. Your body is already dehydrated, so sweating probably won't make you feel much better or make that headache go away. However, a regular hatha or yin yoga class will stretch out your body and get your heart rate up just enough to feel more energized. You'll feel energized, but also relaxed and you won't be focusing on your symptoms anymore. Some say hot yoga releases the toxins in your body, and I'm sure it does, but when you're hungover sweating profusely isn't always a good thing.

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7. Take a nap on Parliament Hill

Not kidding. If you're out with friends downtown during the day while hungover, convince them to go relax on Parliament Hill. It's a good way to take in the views, the city and enjoy the great weather. You can drift off to sleep while they all gossip about the night before and you'll be good to go.

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