7 Unique Places To De-Stress In Ottawa

You should go and love yourself.
7 Unique Places To De-Stress In Ottawa

We're all just balls of stress just trying to make our way through life. I feel you, I really do. Paying bills, studying for exams, trying to pass exams, trying to get a big girl/boy job–it's all so stressful.

Although there are reasons to be stressed, you'll make it through. Becoming overly stressed is bad for every part of your life so don't feel bad for rewarding yourself in desperate times. Check out one of these 7 unique places to de-stress in Ottawa and just chill. 

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1. Siberian Cat Café // 205 Chemin Old Chelsea

Sip tea, hangout with cats, and just relax. This cat café in Chelsea is really keen on the fact that this isn't about therapy, but being in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Pets are known to make you instantly feel better, just by the love that they give you. At the Siberian Cat Café, they are do not claim to be health professionals but they do breed cats in order for their customers to feel loved, and they chose Siberian cats for a reason. If you're a cat lover and are stressed AF, I recommend relaxing with a cup of tea and the cutest cats ever.

2. Nordik Spa-Nature // 16 Chemin Nordik

Nordik Spa-Nature is a classic place that people in Ottawa go to when they need to relax. And for obvious reasons. You can hang out by the pool and relax, or you can treat yourself to a full spa day. Whatever it is, it's worth the money. They also have a new treatment called Källa, which is the second salt water floating pool in the world. To check out your options for a beyond relaxing day and experience, click here.

3. Paint Nite // Multiple Locations

Paint Nite in Ottawa happens almost every night, so you'll always be able to find a place to paint and drink wine. Whether it's with your girlfriends, your SO or you're flying solo, these paint nights are so relaxing and can definitely make you realize some of your hidden talents. You can check out the schedule for Paint Nite in Ottawa here, and they are scattered all over the city. Spend a few hours focusing on something other than your stress, and you'll realize how calming it can actually be.

4. Flotation Therapy Centre // 464 Bank Street

This might sound crazy to some of you, but floating is actually a great way to relax. This float pod is filled with water and high-density Epsom salts that help your body float aimlessly. Since the Epsom salts help you float, you won't need to put in any effort and can just relax and let go of all your worries. This will put you in complete relaxation mode.

5. Pet Therapy // uOttawa

uOttawa offers pet therapy for anyone who is experiencing any type of anxiety or stress. These dogs are trained to deal with these types of situations, giving you the love and help that you need. It's the best way to relax after a long day of school or during the stressful times of exams. To find out more, here is the pet therapy schedule.

6. Salt Wave Spa // 1309 Carling Avenue

Salt caves aren't just great for relaxation, but they also help with your health too. It's a holistic way to cleanse the lungs and the skin, and can also relieve insomnia. You can relax for up to 40 minutes in the salt cave and come out feeling like a brand new person. It's a humidity-controlled room with salt covering the walls and the floors. There is also the sound of waves in the background, so you honestly feel like you're on a hot beach somewhere. Where do I sign up?

7. Color Me Mine // Multiple Locations

When you think of Color Me Mine, you probably think it's automatically for kids. Nope. Color Me Mine is a great place to relax and get into the zone while painting any item of your choice. Your focus goes away from your problems and into the item your painting, and you can truly create a masterpiece. Here's an idea: paint a mug so that you enjoy a cup of tea while taking a bubble bath. All your problems are solved.

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