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8 Amazing Ramen Places In Ottawa You Will Die For

Say goodbye to Mr. Noodles.
8 Amazing Ramen Places In Ottawa You Will Die For

When you think of delicious food in Ottawa, ramen probably doesn't come to mind. We don't have that many ramen restaurants, and the ones we do have are not well known. That needs to change. 

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Ramen is such a comforting dish, and it's appropriate for any time of the year. If you've never had ramen that needs to change ASAP. Step away from the 69 cent Mr. Noodles and get the real stuff. Here are 8 amazing ramen places in Ottawa that you will die for. 

Sansotei Ramen // 153 Bank St

Sansotei Ramen is the place you need to go for a delicious bowl of noodles. They have 6 different kinds of ramen that you can choose from, and each are so flavourful you won't ever want to leave. 

Ginza Ramen // Multiple Locations 

Ginza Ramen is a hot spot for ramen in Ottawa. You can have it delivered to your home, or go to the restaurant to eat it. If you're going out to eat with someone who doesn't enjoy ramen, don't worry. This Japanese restaurant has everything you could ever want including pho, sushi, vermicelli, and much more. 

Wang's Noodle House // 55 ByWard Market Square

Wang's Noodle House is a cute little spot in the ByWard Market Square and it's super underrated. It's definitely a hole in the wall type of place, and those are always the best. Their ramen is super flavourful, and you can get yourself a bubble tea while you're at it. 

Festival Japan // 149 Kent St

Festival Japan has everything you could want. Sushi, noodles, steak, dessert! Yes, dessert. If you're still hungry after your ramen, try out the deep fried ice cream. Yum!

Datsun // 380 Elgin Street

In my opinion, Datsun is one of the cutest places to ever exist. Not only is their decor on point, but so is all their food. They serve a ton of Asian plates, but their pork and chive dumplings and ramen cannot be touched. 

Nom Nom Kitchen // 2160 Montreal Rd #4

Nom Nom Kitchen has every Asian dish you could ever want. The service is great, and the minimalistic vibes will have you focused on the food. Their ramen, along with everything else on the menu, is truly to die for. 

Dolsot Cafe // 512 Bank St

You'll probably assume this is a grocery store when you first walk in, but don't worry, it's just attached. This cute restaurant serves unbelievable Korean dishes that will put Mr. Noodles in their place. I mean, just look at that photo!

Wasabi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar // 41 Clarence St

In the heart of the ByWard Market is this amazing Japanese restaurant that does everything right. Not only do they have a noodle bar, they also have a sushi bar and the best drinks to go along with it. Wasabi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi bar is the perfect place to go for a birthday, or just to treat yourself!

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