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8 Art Galleries In Ottawa That Don't Have A Giant Spider In Front Of Them

For all the creative lovers out there.

Living in Ottawa, there is no way you haven't been to the National Gallery of Canada (or it's surrounding areas) at least once. Whether it's a usual feature on your Instagram, or just a place to relax, the National Gallery of Canada is synonymous with life here.

But there are other cool galleries in Ottawa worth checking out. It's easy to get so wrapped up in the huge glass one downtown that we forget about the presence of little gems all around the city. But if you're looking to explore opportunities beyond the huge spider, no worries, we got you.

Here are 8 art galleries in Ottawa aside from the National Gallery of Canada, perfect for your next day out. 


1. Ottawa Art Gallery // 2 Daly Avenue


Founded in 1988, the OAG has been recognized as one of the city's premier contemporary art venues. For more info, check out their website here.

2. Gallery 3 // 1281 Wellington Street West


Exhibitions here feature artists from all over Ontario and Quebec, and Gallery 3 is also a prime feature of the Wellington Village Art Walk - held on the first Thursday of every month. More info at their website here.

3. Cube Gallery // 1285 Wellington Street West


Cube features a new group show every month, and it's designed to be "the kind of gallery that gives you room to really stand back and look at the art". Exhibition listings and info here.

4. Gallery 101 // 51 B Young Street


More than just a gallery, Gallery 101 is designed with the purpose of operating as a non-profit artist-run centre and charity. They offer many events and workshops to support the Ottawa art community, as well as curated group and solo exhibitions. More info here.

5. Orange Art Gallery // 233 Armstrong Street


Orange Art Gallery has been on the Ottawa art scene since 2010, showcasing a different forms of art from abstract painting to metal sculpture. They especially support local artists, and also participate in monthly Art Walk Events. For more info, check out their website here.

6. SAW Gallery // 67 Nicholas Street


SAW Gallery has been vocal of their support for politically and socially engaged art since their opening in 1973. They're one of the most unique galleries in Ottawa, and definitely a must-visit. Check out their website for exhibition and event info here.

7. Patrick Mikhail Gallery // 2401 Bank Street


Patrick Mikhail Gallery, established in 2006, is well known for it's strong relationships with international museums and festivals - hence launching the careers of many Canadian artists abroad. With rotating exhibits and several represented artists, it's also a must-see. More information here.

8. Le Petite Mort Gallery // 306 Cumberland Street

As per the name, this one's clearly not for the faint of heart. Le Petite Mort, also nicknamed "Canada's Coney Island", features a really unique exhibition variety, as well as special events such as the "One Night Stand" - a 24 hour art showcase. Art here is provocative and diverse. More info here.