When it comes to bubble tea in Ottawa, the options are few and far between. However, there are some bomb options that will satisfy your boba craving for sure.

From small stores to international chains, Ottawa has been picking up their bubble tea game and we're so excited about it. So here are 8 best bubble tea spots in Ottawa to indulge in the cutest drink ever.

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Hangout // 839 Somerset St W

Hangout is a great place to hangout, obviously. They're located in China Town, and are open 7 days a week until late so it's actually a great place to hang out. Sorry, I'll stop saying hang out now. But they have so many varieties of bubble tea that you can get, but I'd recommend the iced milk tea.

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Presotea // Multiple Locations

Presotea has stores all over the world, and thank god we have one in Ottawa. With the amount of teas you can choose from, you'll be there for hours. You can choose between milk teas, slushies, smoothies, juice and fruit tea. Those little balls go along with everything.

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My Sweet Tea // Multiple Locations

My Sweet Tea has been a staple in Ottawa ever since it opened a few years ago. For boba, this is the place to be. If you're super into matcha, they have a matcha bubble tea that you can order. As well as a white chocolate Oreo shake that you can also make into bubble tea.

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ShareTea // 399 Dalhousie St

ShareTea is a Taiwan chain that made it's way to Ottawa and we're so thankful for that. This place will be everyones cup of tea. You can customize any drink you order, so you can get your perfect cup of bubble tea here. Also, you must try the winter melon bubble tea. Just saying.

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Dumpling Bowl & Bubblicity Tea Shop // 730 Somerset St W

This bubble tea shop is inside of a dumpling restaurant, which is best case scenario. They have bubble iced tea, bubble slush, bubble latte and bubble sherbet. A green tea boba sounds unreal right now.

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Art Haven // 200 Kennevale Drive

Art Haven is a ceramic painting shop that also sells bubble tea. Located in Barrhaven, this ceramic painting store is fun for all ages. You can drink your bubble tea while painting whatever ceramic piece you want, or you can just pick up a bubble tea to go. This place also has wine so, best of both worlds.

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Maple Valley Tea World // 55 ByWard Market Square

Maple Valley Tea World is hidden in the ByWard Market Square, but it should not be forgotten. They have a wide selection of tea, all selected worldwide. If you're walking around downtown, make sure to check this place out. Their tea is super fresh and you can buy other loose teas while you're at it!

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Pho Bo Ga La // 784 Somerset St W

Pho Bo Ga La is a Vietnamese restaurant that not only sells amazing pho and other dishes, but they sell bomb bubble tea. You can make their smoothies into bubble tea, and basically make any drink into bubble tea here. Score!