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8 Best Gourmet Hot Dogs In Ottawa

Hot diggity dog.
8 Best Gourmet Hot Dogs In Ottawa

We may not have as many street meat places that Toronto does, but we're definitely not lacking in the delicious hot dog department. Honestly, there is no way to write this article without sounding dirty so let's just all laugh together.

Whether you like only mustard on your dog or you love a chilli dog, Ottawa has got it all for you! Even though the hot dog scene is limited here, that doesn't mean you can't find an amazing hot dog. So here are 8 best hot dogs in Ottawa!

The King Eddy // 45 Clarence St

Nathan's Famous Dog at The King Eddy is a foot long. That's all that needs to be said.

Hot Diggity Dog // Bank Street & Laurier

The best street meat place in Ottawa for sure. They have been in Ottawa for 33 years, so they for sure know what they're doing. Hot Diggity Dog is run by a father and son, and there is no plans on stopping any time soon!

Burgers n' Fries Forever // Multiple Locations

You can either get just a regular 7-inch hot dog with your choice of toppings, or from the SHHH secret menu, you can get the Netflix and Chill dog. The Netflix and Chill dog is a hot dog with chipotle mayo and deep fried jalapeños. Yum!

Hintonburger // 1096 Wellington St W

There are a few options of hot dogs at Hintonburger, and who doesn't love options? You can get a jumbo chilli dog, a foot long chilli dog, a corndog, or a foot long regular hot dog. Their buns are toasted to perfect as well!

Fritomania // 2442 St Joseph Blvd

Fritomania is a chip truck in Orleans that is above unreal. They're closed during the winter months, and it's pretty much torture then. Their hot dog options include a corndog, a regular hot dog, a cheese dog and a bacon cheese dog. I mean, I think all of us could go for a bacon cheese dog right now.

South St. Burger // 500 Exhibition Way

The amazing thing about South St. Burger is all of their products are 100% pure beef or chicken, no added antibiotics, hormones or by-products. Their hot dogs are grilled to perfection, and they have amazing toppings as well. You can get ginger glazed pineapple, bacon, wasabi mayo, etc.

Bite Burger House // 108 Murray St

This foot long hot dog is called the Ron Jeremy. It's a boiled hot dog, with an artisan bun and even better, they have Cheez Whiz that you can add.

La Pataterie Hulloise // 311 Boulevard Saint-Joseph

La Pataterie Hulloise is a cute little restaurant in Gatineau that will make you happy just looking at it. They have so many options, not just of hot dogs, but their selection of hot dogs is amazing as well. They have two kinds of cheese dogs, two regular hot dogs, and they also have a vegetarian hot dog. That with a side of poutine *heart eyes*

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