Lets all agree here that Korean food is one of the best. Kimchi, Bibimbap, Korean BBQ, Ddukbokkie, the list goes on and on. If you haven't tried Korean food before, your life is about to change. Get ready.

If you're looking to give your tastebuds a shock, try out one of these amazing restaurants. Korean dishes taste like nothing you've ever eaten before, and they're so flavourful. It's bound to become your new favourite food. So here are 9 best Korean restaurants that you must try in Ottawa.

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1. Korean Palace // 610 Somerset Street West

Korean Palace is known as fine Korean cuisine. They have 100+ seats in their dining room, which are all equipped with Korean BBQ grills so you feel right at home. Their pricing is completely affordable, and if you see something expensive, it's because it's meant to be split between two people. If there is something you should try, I'd recommend the appetizer JapChae. Trust me.

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2. Koreana // 711 Somerset Street West

Koreana is an amazing Korean restaurant that offers AYCE Korean BBQ. What more could you want? Their Bibimbap is to die for, and all the rest of their meat is super flavourful.

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3. Alirang Restaurant // 134 Nelson Street

Alirang Korean Restaurant is an authentic and true Korean restaurant. Their Gamjatang is to die for, and their spicy seafood noodles as well as their dumplings are unlike anything you've ever had. This place is a hidden gem in Ottawa, but it will become your favourite place for sure.

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4. Dolsot Cafe // 512 Bank Street

Dolsot Cafe is a family run restaurant that is to die for. They serve real authentic cuisine, and it doesn't get any better than Korean BBQ. They give amazing sized portions so you get what you pay for, and their pork bulgogi is a must try!

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5. Mu Goong Hwa Garden // 376 Rideau Street

If you're coming to Mu Goong Hwa Garden, you must try the Korean BBQ. It's truly fascinating watching all your food cook for you at your own table and I highly recommend you get the combination BBQ which includes chicken, bul go gi and pork neck. It will not disappoint.

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6. Le Kim Chi // 420 Preston Street

Le Kim Chi is an adorable restaurant located in Little Italy, but don't let that fool you. They have the most authentic Korean food and you'll never want to leave. If you're new to Korean food, I suggest getting the Korean Style Bento Box so you can try out a few different dishes without buying everything separately. They have great options for the Bento Boxes, but the spicy stir fried pork is unreal.

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7. Bai Du // 1385 Baseline Road

Bai Du not only has amazing Korean food, but their restaurant decor will make you feel fancy AF. This is a great place to have a birthday party, and all of your friends will be super impressed. They known for their table BBQs, so if you go with a lot of people, you can try all of the options they have for that and just split them. They also have sushi, so you can have a mix of Korean and Japanese food all in a great place.

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8. Hanahana // 474 Hazeldean Road

Hanahana also has Korean and Japanese food under one restaurant, which is any Asian food lovers dream tbh. Their kimchi fried rice is unbelievable, and same with their miso soup. As for their sushi, you'll definitely want to get one of the combos. Because you can try never have too much sushi.

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