Just because you're vegan doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to indulge. 

So I'm going to fix that for you. Although it may be harder to find treats that are completely vegan, Ottawa is definitely stepping up its game and giving the vegans what they want. You'll find that a lot of bakeries are making way more gluten-free and vegan options, which is awesome. You can never go wrong with a vegan cupcake, right?

So here are 8 of the best place in Ottawa to get a delicious treat if you're vegan. And yes, I do consider pizza a treat, who doesn't? ;)

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1. Wild Oat Bakery // 817 Bank Street

Wild Oat Bakery is the perfect place to get vegan treats. They're known for their delicious chocolate peanut butter bars, which are gluten free as well and their spicy vegan brownie. For anyone who thinks they can't enjoy regular treats because they're vegan, let Wild Oat Bakery change your mind.

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2. Bread & Sons Bakery // 195 Bank Street

Yes, I definitely consider pizza a treat. Don't you? Anyway. Bread & Sons Bakery has vegan pizza if you were wondering. You can get whatever toppings you'd like, or you can choose from one of their options. Some have cheese, but you can kindly ask for them to not put it on. For a vegan slice of pizza, you won't find anything better.

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3. ThimbleCakes // Multiple Locations

ThimbleCakes makes their ice cream from coconut milk, which makes it dairy free, gluten free, nut and egg free. They make it fresh daily, and the flavours are organic strawberry pink grapefruit and coconut dark chocolate cherry. Yum!

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4. Little Jo Berry's // 1303 Wellington Street West

Little Jo Berry's has options for everyone. Whether you're vegan, gluten-free, or just dairy-free, you're all set here. They have so many amazing vegan desserts that taste like you're being naughty, however, they're actually pretty good for you. I don't mean you can eat their desserts all day and not suffer the consequences, but try it out if you want!

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5. Rideau Bakery // Multiple Locations

Rideau Bakery can do everything and anything you ask. They have a lot of dairy-free options, which are labelled clearly for you to see. However, their most amazing vegan treat is Paerve tofu cheesecake which is to die for.

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6. Strawberry Blonde Bakery // 114B Grange Avenue

At Strawberry Blonde Bakery, everything is gluten-free, nut-free and vegan. This is the perfect place for someone who is vegan or who has an severe allergy, since there is no cross-contamination. They just came out with their holiday treats, so get yours before they're all gone. And they definitely will be. I'd highly recommend the peppermint nanaimo bars!

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7. The Joy of Gluten Free // Multiple Locations

The Joy of Gluten Free, sells, well, obviously gluten-free foods. However, they also cater to those who have other allergies as well. All of their vegan options are labelled clearly, so you'll always know what you can and cannot eat. They have an amazing mint chocolate vegan cupcake, a vegan lemon and ginger shortbread cookie and vegan waffles that you must try. And that's only a small portion of all their vegan treats!

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8. Dolly Doll Cupcake Co. // 2333 Church Street

Dolly Doll Cupcake Co. is an allergy-free vegan bakery that does everything right. They offer so many delicious options of all our favourite treats, and make sure everyone can enjoy them. You must try out the cinnamon rolls, pretzels and donut holes. I promise, you won't be disappointed at all! Not to mention, the bakery is absolutely adorable.

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