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8 Of The Best Places To Watch Ottawa's Stunning Sunsets

Ottawa can be boring, let's just get that straight. However, we can't deny that we have amazing sunsets that make our eyes widen. No matter what time of year it is, we can guarantee that we'll get stunning views of the sky every once and a while.

Whether you want to watch them with you bae or your BFF, you'll be able to relax at the end of a stressful day and just watch the sun go down while the sky looks like a candy factory. Cotton candy skies are the best, you can't deny that.

So grab a friend or take yourself on a romantic date and watch the sunset at one of these 8 spots:

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Andaz Ottawa ByWard Market // 325 Dalhousie Street

Grab a drink and watch the sunset go down at the Andaz Ottawa ByWard Market! With glass surrounding the rooftop patio, you'll be able to view every second of the beautiful sunset with an even better view.

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Champlain Lookout // Gatineau Park

Hike up to Champlain Lookout right before sunset and you won't regret it. You'll get those endorphins going, so you'll be even more excited about the view. You just can't beat the view of the sunset and the fall leaves.

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Westboro Beach // 745 Ottawa River Parkway

Grab a picnic basket and head on over to Westboro Beach right before sunset. You can make an adorable date out of this or you can go there to clear your thoughts.

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Rideau Canal // 1 Rideau Street

If you're downtown around sunset, I highly recommend watching the sunset anywhere near the Rideau Canal. You'll get full views of the Parliament Buildings as well as the reflection on the Ottawa River. The beauty is unexplainable.

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Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport // 1000 Airport Parkway Private

Whether you're taking a flight out from there or just going there to watch planes land, I recommend going around sunset. Watching the planes land while the sky is lit up makes the experience so much better.


Britannia Beach // 2805 Carling Avenue

Britannia Beach is one of the nicest beaches we have here in Ottawa, and it's an amazing place to watch the sun go down. You can grab a tea or coffee, get up onto these rocks and just spend your time alone or with whoever you desire. This is a great date idea as well.

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Nepean Point // Alexandra Bridge

Not going to lie, this is probably the best place in Ottawa to watch view the sunset. You have so many views of the Ottawa River, the Samuel de Champlain Statue and all of downtown to look at. For your best sunset experience in Ottawa, I definitely think this is #1.

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Andrew Haydon Park // 3169 Carling Avenue

Andrew Haydon park is an amazing place to view the sunsets. Since there is water all around, you'll see double the sunset as it reflects onto the calm waters. You can even head out to the lighthouse and chill there while talking with a friend or cuddling with your SO.

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