We got a lot of bucket lists going on this summer, AND WHY WOULDN'T WE! Ideal weather, sunny skies and luscious lake views?! This is the prime time to get out and see the city. This particular bucket list? We're bringing in our number one along for the ride. Whether it's your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog (like you wouldn't), we're going on a culinary adventure through the 613.

When date night starts getting repetitive (and the Little Ceasar's pizza boxes start piling up because you don't know what else to do for dinner), then it's time to hit this list. The spice girls said it best, spice up your life!

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Olivea // 39 Brock St. 

When home cooking (aka heating up Ramen noodles) just isn't cutting it for date night anymore, it's time to treat yourself. Where, you ask? How about a family-run Italian trattoria that serves pasta so fresh you feel like you can speak Italian. Go for Mojito Monday ($6 fresh mojitos) or Tuesday Night live Jazz for a little extra something!

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Pan Chancho // 44 Princess St. 

You know what really says I love you? Taking your beau to an intimate, European bistro and getting some mascarpone and strawberry compote stuffed french toast. That's right. Pan Chanco not only is a gourmet food store and bakery up front, but they have an amazing dine in spot in the back that will give you your foodie fix, guaranteed. Pro tip, go early for their brunch!

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Geneva Crepe Cafe Bistro // 297 Princess St.  

This locally operated Princess St. gem is a crowd favourite for it's decadent, savoury, and sweet crepes. Using only local ingredients, you can dive into the world of exotic crepes. Some of our fav's here are the Bombay, Hot Nutella Drink, Canadian Waffle (filled with smoked cheddar, maple bacon and fresh apples), and the Deep Dutch Brownie Sundae crepe.

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Sima Sushi // 66 Princess St. 

Walking downtown Kingston you are guaranteed to notice one thing, we have a TON of sushi restaurants. So the only question is, which one are you and bae supposed to hit?! Sima Sushi is a beloved spot in town for their fresh iningredientsnd popping taste.

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Kingston Food Tours // 2480 Princess St. 

If you are the type of couple that can't decide on one restaurant, don't fret, just try them all! Kingston Food Tours offer up two tours for any gastro fiend, the Classic Tour or the Beer and Bites. Both weave around local spots in Kingston, telling you a little more about the city you thought you know.

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Le Chein Noir // 69 Brock St. 

Have you and your number one always dreamed of a romantic escape to Paris, the city of love? Dreamed of that French cuisine and oh la la atmosphere (I believe that's the official way to describe it)? In case your budget isn't quite there yet (or like mine, nowhere close), head to Chein Noir for your Parisian Escape. They have a mix of French bistro classics and their updated Modern Brasserie menu.

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Amadeus Beer Garden // 170 Princess St. 

Hidden behind that intimate exterior is the European beer garden that we've all been waiting for. With lush trees surrounding it, and authentic German/Austrian Cusine being served in front of you (the recipes have been passed through the family for generations, that's legit), there's no question about where the perfect summer afternoon can be spent.

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Toast and Jam // 1530 Bath Rd. 

This cute cafe is making its mark in Kingston had a good headstart thanks to its previous owners establishing a sweet reputation at Bread and Butter Bakery! The owner's expanded their extremely popular bakery to include a beautiful cafe/brunch haven that holds the highest standards as the bakery. While you're there make sure to try some of their famous quiches and why not finish off with some micro brewery beers and sweets from next door?