I can't afford to travel.” Says the guy who's eating McDonald's and buying two pitchers of Coors every Friday night. Anyway.

When you see people travelling on Facebook you're probably wondering where they got all the money from. Probably from their parents. Maybe they just brought their credit card. They probably robbed a bank, let's be real.

But travelling isn't expensive – if you prioritize it. Plus, it's cheaper to travel across the world than your own country. Seriously.

We looked through two airlines today: WOWAir and Westjet to see just how much it would cost to go from Montreal to one European destination whereas how much it would cost from Montreal to Vancouver. To make the comparison fair we chose the same roundtrip dates for each destination.

What we found were 8 destinations that were less expensive than travelling across your country. So no more excuses. Buy that ticket. Here they are and the prices we found from Montreal, the closest major airport to Ottawa:

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1. Amsterdam

Montreal to Amsterdam (Oct. 27 - Nov. 11): $549.98

Montreal to Vancouver (Oct. 27 - Nov. 11): $618.00

Cycle along the scenic canals on a grandma bike and eat your heart out with stroopwafel. Just don't eat the cake.

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2. Paris

Montreal to Paris (Nov. 13 - Nov. 30): $464.19

Montreal to Vancouver (Nov. 13 - Nov. 30): $686.99

Oui, c'est vrai. It's cheaper to sip red wine under the Eiffel Tower than it is to fly to the opposite end of Canada. Absorb fine art at the Louvre, say 'Hi' to Quasimodo at Notre Dame or catch a show at the Moulin Rouge (which may mean au revoir to your wallet, but you get what I mean).

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3. London

Montreal to London (Nov. 9 - Nov. 23): $524.99

Montreal to Vancouver (Nov. 9 - Nov. 23): $652.49

Sip some afternoon tea with Kate and Will (and George, obvi), drop out of uni and run through the wall at Platform 9 and 3/4 or take a candid photo at a red telephone booth beside Big Ben. It's all cheaper than flying across Canada.

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4. Reykjavik

Montreal to Reykjavik (Nov. 2 - Nov. 18): $309.98

Montreal to Vancouver (Nov. 2 - Nov. 18): $652.49

It costs half the price to fly to the capital of Iceland than it does across your own country. Half. Relax in the geysers and take in all the scenic nature that the Land of Fire and Ice has to offer. Just invest in a rain jacket.

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5. Berlin

Montreal to Berlin (Nov. 7 - Nov. 25): $579.98

Montreal to Vancouver (Nov. 7 - Nov. 25): $652.49

Explore the famous nightlife of the trendy German capital and see iconic sights like Brandenburg Gate and the remnants of the Berlin Wall. The best part: DB, the national railway, is fast and fairly inexpensive as well, so you can explore other beautiful German cities like Munich and Dresden.

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6. Stockholm

Montreal to Stockholm (Nov. 20 - Dec. 2): $499.98

Montreal to Vancouver (Nov. 20 - Dec. 2): $727.23

You can dance and have the time of your life living like Pippi Longstocking and admiring IKEA furniture in the capital of Sweden. Its old town (Gamlastan), is one of the prettiest in Europe, especially when it gets close to Christmas time.

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7. Copenhagen

Montreal to Copenhagen (Nov. 14 - Dec. 1): $499.98

Montreal to Vancouver (Nov. 14 - Dec. 1): $692.74

The land of blondes, Lego and the homeland of Carlsberg is one of the most laid back and quaint cities in northern Europe. Tivoli, the second oldest amusement park in Europe, inspired Walt Disney to make Disneyland. Oh, and it's right here in Copenhagen.

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8. Dublin

Montreal to Dublin (Nov. 23 - Dec. 15): $549.98

Montreal to Vancouver (Nov. 23 - Dec. 15): $773.22

Be the leprechaun you were born to be and frolic in the rolling green hills in Ireland. Craft your own Guinness at the Guinness Brewery and soak in everything the quaint capital of Ireland has to offer. Ireland is also the home of Ryanair, so if you find the weather too miserable in Ireland during the beginning of winter you can always take a budget flight elsewhere.