We have a ton of land in Ottawa, but we always forget to do things with it besides building new apartment buildings and new malls. It's great to have things to do, but it's even better to be near nature everywhere you are. Gardens are something that are taken for granted for sure, especially the beautiful ones we have in Ottawa.

These magical gardens are so beautiful that you Instagram feed will thank you. Whether there are flowers blooming everywhere or it's surrounded by green plants, you'll love these spots even for just a quiet walk.

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Fletcher Wildlife Garden

Fletcher Wildlife Garden is where you can go to get your zen on. It's right across from the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, and it's an amazing place to go for a walk with your dog, catch up with friends, or even go alone. This garden is named after James Fletcher, who was a founding member of the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club.

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Dominion Arboretum

The Dominion Arboretum is a tropical garden located on the opposite side of the canal. It's part of the Central Experimental Farm, and has around 1,700 different species of plants. It's free to visit, and absolutely beautiful during the spring time!

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Ornamental Gardens

The Ornamental Gardens showcase so many different flowers throughout the whole garden. They have large collections of flowers everywhere, and this makes the garden so unique.

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Mackenzie King Estate

Mackenzie King Estate is part of Gatineau Park, and was founded in 1959. In front of the estate are specific flower arrangements that make the land so much more beautiful. The owners believed that it would be visited more if the landscape was more enjoyable, so they added waterfalls and flowers.

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MacDonald Gardens Park

MacDonald Gardens Park is located in one of Ottawa's oldest neighbourhoods, which is in Lowertown East. The MacDonald summer house is located at the top of the hill, which gives amazing views all day long. This garden park has 8 acres of grass, trees, and winding paths. It's the perfect spot for a picnic!

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Maplelawn Historic Garden

Maplelawn Historic Garden is a beautiful garden in the front of a former estate. Now, the estate is actually a Keg Restaurant called the Keg Manor, but the landscape is as beautiful as ever. There is a walled garden that is rare to see in a Canadian garden, but it looks amazing with the estate and land.

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 Aquatopia Conservatory

This indoor water garden that's also a cafe is a sight to see. It's known for holding weddings, but you can also just go and chill out while drinking coffee and getting a healthy bite to eat. It's located in Carp, and you can buy plants, flowers and fish for your home here. Oh, and of course it makes for a dope Instagram picture!

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H.H.J. Nesbitt Biology Building

The H.H.J. Nesbitt Biology Building is located at Carleton University, and it's filled with beautiful plants and flowers. This biology greenhouse is available all year round, so if you need a little green in your life during the winter you can find it here. Even better if you're a student, since you can pop in and take pictures here no problem!