Spring is here (we all know that) which means it's time for sangria. We definitely do not have to wait for summer to drink sangria and if someone tells you that, they're negative and you don't need them in your life.

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If you love sangria as much as I do, then you know when you find a good one it's like finding gold. Not all sangria is made equal, and especially when you're paying 15 bucks for something that tastes like watered down orange juice. No thx. So here are 8 Ottawa sangria specials you need to take advantage of this spring. And I promise you, all of these sangria specials are completely worth it.

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Blue Cactus Bar and Grill // 2 ByWard Market Square

Blue Cactus Bar and Grill has amazing sangria for $9 or 1/2 a litre for $19. They have three options for sangria, all of which are actually amazing. The desert cup sangria is a must!

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The Grand Pizzeria & Bar // 74 George Street

Tbh, this is the best deal for sangria in Ottawa. During what The Grand calls 'Market Hour', which is Monday through Friday 3pm to 6pm, they have pitchers of sangria for $20. *Runs*

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Hooley's Pub // 292 Elgin St

On Fridays from 4pm to 11pm, Hooley's has 'Hooley Hour' in which they serve $12 pitchers of sangria. Uhmmmm, I know what I'm doing every Friday now.

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JOEY Lansdowne // 825 Exhibition Way #103

JOEY's has amazing sangria, also because they mix red and white wine in their drink. Their drink is called summer sangria, however obviously it's not a crime to drink it all year round. For $9 a glass, you'll feel great after in many ways.

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Woody's Pub // 330 Elgin St

On Tuesdays at Woody's Pub, they have Ladies night which includes 2 glasses of sangria and a basket of sweet potato fries for $22. Uhm, is it cool if I go by myself and get those two glasses just for me? Thanks.

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LOCAL Lansdowne // 825 Exhibition Way #107

You can get a glass of Spanish sangria at LOCAL Lansdowne for $7. Not sure I need to say more, but thank you.

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Pancho Villa // 361 Elgin St

This Mexican restaurant has glasses of sangria for $6.25. Pardon? And the bigger the glass gets the most expensive the drink gets, but a 'mucho grande' size is only $10.25. A half a litre is only $15.95!

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Industria Pizza + Bar // 225 Marché Way #107

Industria has $10 glasses of sangria, which may sound expensive but let me explain. They also mix other fancy alcohol in it (score) on Thursdays all of their wine is 2 for 1. So it's really not that expensive, and 100% worth it.