8 Part-Time Ottawa Jobs That Pay Up To $50/hr If You Want Extra Cash For The Holidays

Get yourself a side hustle! 🤑

8 Part-Time Ottawa Jobs That Pay Up To $50/hr If You Want Extra Cash For The Holidays

All those Christmas gifts and parties can quickly add up. So here are eight part-time Ottawa jobs you can apply for if you want some extra cash for the holidays.

There is a vast assortment of companies hiring right now for everything from a Santa photographer to helping to deliver online orders.

Plus, some of them pay as high as $50 an hour, so it is time to dust off your resume.

Cheese Making Helper

Salary: $21 an hour

Company: St-Albert Cheese Coop

Who Should Apply: If you don't mind lifting things and graduated high school, you can help make delicious St. Albert cheese. The job comes with perks like free food, vision and dental care, and store discounts.

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Santa Photographer

Salary: $28 per hour

Company: FyreScope Studios Inc.

Who Should Apply: If you love the magic of the holidays and are skilled in capturing portraits, you can help take photos of people visiting Santa Claus.

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Driver Helper

Salary: $20 per hour

Company: UPS

Who Should Apply: Working with the driver, you will help move packages in and out of the delivery truck. For this job you'll need to be able to lift up to 70 pounds, and will never be given shifts on the weekend.

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 Princess And Superheroes Party Performers

Salary: $50 per hour

Company: Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon

Who Should Apply: If you are a huge Disney or Marvel fan, you can get paid to dress up as a princess or superhero to entertain children.

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Communications And Web Officer

Salary: $27.64 - $32.06 an hour

Company: Algonquin College

Who Should Apply: This job could be perfect for you if you have experience writing for websites and are knowledgeable in SEO.

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Salary: $20 per hour

Company: Molly Maid

Who Should Apply: You can earn some extra spending money by cleaning homes. To apply, you'll need a valid's driver license and be available for on-call hours.

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Personal Trainer

Salary: $28 an hour

Company: Free Form Fitness

Who Should Apply: Do you love working out and are a team player? If you also happen o have a personal training certificate, you could be an excellent fit for this training studio with six locations in Ottawa.

Apply Here

Math And Reading Instructor

Salary: $18 - $20 an hour

Company: Sylvan Learning Center

Who Should Apply: You can help teach students in math and reading. To apply, you'll need at least one year of teaching experience and are ideally bilingual.

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