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8 Places In Ottawa To Take A Date If They Have A Serious Sweet Tooth

Realistically, every day should be National Dessert Day. Chocolate, ice cream, cake, waffles, candy - you name it. Food just has a way of understanding us better than people do. Especially sweet food. Yes, I'll have another truffle.

I know, I write a lot about sugary stuff. There are so many good dessert spots in Ottawa to check out - I just have to share. So if you've already tried everything on my last dessert list, today's your lucky day.

Here are 8 spots to check out for your next craving.


1. Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana // 200 Preston Street


In the heart of Little Italy, this shop is the authentic Italian dessert experience. They carry everything from delicious cakes to chocolates and cookies - and that's just a sample of their vast menu. They've been on the Ottawa food scene since 1979, and are a definite must-try.

2. Cafe Latte Chino // 2020 Tenth Line Road


Waffles. Cafe Latte Chino in Orleans, aside from being a fully licensed coffee house with free-wifi (hello new study spot?), has a dessert selection of both gelato and special waffles. If you're in the east end area, why not give it a try?

3. Suzy Q Doughnuts // 969 Wellington Street


The classic "oh I've been meaning to go there..." spot. You know who you are. I shouldn't even have to write about why you need to visit this place if you haven't yet. Just go.

4. Sweet Jesus // 97 Clarence Street


In case you missed it, this Toronto chain opened up in Ottawa this summer. If you're in the mood for ice cream that's definitely accessorized better than you are, look no further.

5. Nutty Greek Bake Shop // 490 Rochester Street


For my big fat baklava craving. Ottawa is lucky to have Nutty Greek - their menu has everything from both savoury and sweet Greek pastries to cupcakes and custom cakes. Everything here is made daily and in-house from scratch. What to choose?

6. Second Avenue Sweet Shop // 151 Second Avenue


This Glebe gem has every kind of cookie imaginable, creative and customizable cakes, and a daily changing scone menu. Show local, family-owned businesses some love while satisfying your sweet tooth!

7. ThimbleCakes // 369 Bank Street


The cutest little cupcake shop. Definitely the perfect place to go on a catch-up date with friends for some much needed chill time and, obviously, dessert. Ever heard of chai-banana cupcakes? Well now you know where to find them.

8. Macarons Et Madeleines // 1321 Wellington Street West

French vibes. From eclairs to macarons to delicious mille feuille cake, Macarons Et Madeleines is an adorable (and Instagram-worthy) dessert spot you have to check out. They basically have ever colour of macaron you've never seen. Seriously.

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