Ottawa is pretty normal when it comes to most stuff, however, their laws are something that are very questionable. We of course have the pretty standard laws that everyone knows about, but when you dig deeper, you'll find that they're not all normal.

After researching, you can find some laws that make no sense whatsoever. And definitely ones that you've never heard before–so here are 8 really odd Ottawa laws that you probably never knew about. I wish I was kidding.

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1. Removing your feet from the pedals while biking is illegal.

Ottawa is a super safe place, so this law probably doesn't surprise anyone. I'm not sure of the rhyme or reason for this law, but I'm assuming it's just a safety precaution since biking accidents happen frequently in Ottawa.

2. It is also illegal to bike one handed, particularly with an item in the other hand.

Again, I'm assuming it's because of safety rules. However, there are plenty of talented cyclists that can ride with no hands. Have a little faith, Ottawa.

3. It is illegal to eat ice cream on Bank Street on a Sunday.

I know we're all truly wondering if someone has actually been fined for attempting this one. But, yes, it is an actual law in Ottawa. Just keep an eye out for the ice cream police... I can't believe I just said that.

4. Having a purple front/garage door will get you a fine in Kanata.

If purple is your favourite colour, I'm really sorry. Kanata is very particular about the way their neighbourhood is viewed, clearly. If you hear a knock on your door, just run.

5. You will also get fined for working on your car on the street in Kanata.

This law is valid because it is unsafe, and gets the street dirty. However, it is very random that it's only a law in Kanata. But like I said above, Kanata is very clean and cares a lot about how the neighbourhood is viewed. So just stick to working on your car in the garage. You're welcome.

6. It's illegal to have more than 5 pets (cats and dogs) in your residence at one time.

Unless you're fostering animals and have a permit, it is illegal to have more than 5 pets in your home. It does not matter how much land you have, it is more for the safety of the animals.

7. If you let the grass grow long in your front/back yard, you will be fined.

An older woman a few years ago got charged $500 for letting the grass in her backyard grow. Bylaw sent someone to cut her grass, and still made her pay. They are very strict about having a decent looking lawn, so make sure you hire someone or cut the grass yourself in order to stay away from trouble.

8. It is illegal to lock a child under the age of 5 in a refrigerator.

I'm truly not even sure what to say about this one, but it is a law in Ottawa. Does this mean if you're above the age of 5, it's allowed? Anyways, I'm sure none of you who are reading this were going to attempt locking a young child in a fridge, but if you were, you now know it's illegal.

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