Sometimes when you're in the face of fear, you just got to dive right in. Standing at the edge of an open plane and miles above the ground, there's no better way to defy all your fears than skydiving. And, hey - jumping out of a plane always makes for an interesting dinnertime conversation.

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Skydiving's often at the top of people's bucket lists, whether they're just people looking to conquer their fear of heights or are just thrill seekers looking for that temporary rush of adrenaline. For all those first-timers, Ontario has many locales where you can safely tick off this bucket list activity and finally be able to say, "I've done it."

Here are eight thrilling tandem skydives you can do for your first time in Ontario:

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Skydive Gan // Ganonoque, ON

Offering some of the most beautiful aerial scenery, Skydive Gan is a skydive centre that's great for people who've done dozens of dives or first-timers. The centre's been operating out of Gananoque Airport since 1971 and has had thousands of people take their first jump with an experienced tandem instructor.

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Niagara Skydive Centre // Niagara Falls, ON

On the flight up, you can witness an aerial view of Niagara Falls at 6,000 feet before experiencing one of the most scenic skydives in Ontario. Niagara's Skydive Centre employs fully certified instructors who will make for an easy and smooth landing after jumping just over 10,000 feet.

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Skydive Toronto Inc. // Cookstown, ON

Less than 25 minutes from Toronto, this centre is the longest established skydiving school in Ontario. The centre's been operating for over 44 years and has seen over 260, 000 jumps since it first opened way back in 1972. Their instructors are seasoned in every aspect. Some have allegedly done 10, 000 personal skydives themselves, so rest assured you're in good hands.

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Skydive Wasaga Beach // Wasaga Beach, ON

Freefall at over 200km/h over one of the most beautiful beaches in Ontario. On a clear sunny day, you'll be able to see the sandy shores in clear view from over two miles high. You'll have an ease of mind when you receive a full training session before your tandem jump and have all your federally-approved equipment triple checked.

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Skydive Burnaby // Burnaby, ON

Tandem skydives at Burnaby offer some of the most stunning views of Lake Eerie from up above. You might even forget you're in Ontario for a minute. Skydive Burnaby has a perfect student jump record and will guide you from the moment you step on the plane to the moment you jump off at 14, 000 feet.

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Skydive Swoop // Dundas, ON

Close to Burlington and Hamilton, Skydive Swoop has decades of experience, operating since 1979, and is one of the closest skydive centres to downtown Toronto. On statutory holidays they offer $30.00 off tandem skydives, which helps take a load off what is a typically pricey activity.

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Parachute School of Toronto // Baldwin, ON

Conveniently located just outside of Toronto, the Parachute School of Toronto is an ideal locale to make your first jump. Since its opening, the school has seen over two hundred thousand jumps (fifty thousand of those being first timers). You'll be jumping from 13, 500 feet with a trained instructor at a thrilling 200km/h.

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Parachute GO Skydive // Gatineau (Ottawa, ON)

Just 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa, this centre in Gatineau offers a 3, 000 metre exhilarating plunge with experienced instructors. The tandem instructor is in total control when you take your leap, so all you just need to do is enjoy the views. That is, if you're not closing your eyes.