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8 Ways To Celebrate Halloween In Ottawa If You Don't Drink

You don't need to drink to have fun... Seriously

Not only is Halloween during midterm season, it's also on a Monday this year. Sigh. Aside from wanting to complain to school authorities that it should be illegal to have 7-10pm midterms on the best holiday of the year, it's almost worse that we have 8am classes the next day.

If you're planning on playing it safe this Halloween, here are 8 ways you can celebrate with a booze-free turn up. 


1. Catch a horror flick at The Mayfair


The Mayfair theatre on Bank is showing all your favourite old horror movies this weekend, including everyone's favourite The Rocky Horror Picture Show for late screenings on Halloween night - 7, 9:45, and 11:55 pm.

2. Go head-to-head with Virtual Reality Zombies at Colony VR


Colony VR, a local Ottawa company passionate about bringing virtual reality experiences to the public, are offering a Halloween special from 5pm-midnight. You can book one of their VR rooms with a group of your friends to play any of their 6 new Halloween games - everything from Zombie Camp to Escape Bloody Mary. More info at their website here.

3. Get creative at Art Haven


Art Haven is having their Halloween party this Monday featuring music, bubble tea, and of course Halloween ceramics, from 3-6pm. If you're in the mood for something relaxed and low-key but still a little creative, this might be the place for you.

4. Pumpkin Fest at Proulx Farm


Proulx Maple & Berry Farm is hosting their annual Pumpkin Fest tonight, and their entire yard is going to be transformed into a Halloween "playground", complete with 2 haunted houses, mazes, and wagon rides. Details here.

5. Halloween at Rideau Hall - October 31st.


Rideau Hall, the Governor General's residence, is hosting their annual Halloween event from 5-8pm. This year's theme is "Toys Take Revenge", where you can walk through the residence (that's been transformed into an eerie dollhouse). Details here.

6. Halloween at the Billings Estate


The Billings Estate, located on Cabot Street, is transforming into a 19th century haunted house. Details here.

7. Experience the Hintonburg Seance


Hosted by Escape Manor, this special Halloween escape scenario is taking place at their Hintonburg location, and is described as "extremely frightning" 90 minute Victorian seance. Details here.

8. Upgrade your Insta game with ByWard's giant pumpkins

Yes, this is actually a thing. Some of these pumpkins weigh over a thousand pounds - carvers and farmers from all over Ontario bring their very best as photo-op material to downtown Ottawa.

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