8 Weekend Adventures To Go On With Your Friends In And Around Ottawa

It definitely won't feel like you're in Ottawa!
8 Weekend Adventures To Go On With Your Friends In And Around Ottawa

Although Ottawa is a great city, it can get boring at times. Sometimes it's too overpopulated, sometimes there's just absolutely nothing to do. In fact, every now and then, going on a mini road trip to escape the city or going on a full out all inclusive vacation to escape the city can completely uplift your mood.

That being said, if you don't exactly have the funds to completely leave the country, there are tons of spots in and around Ottawa that will definitely bring out your adventurous side. Whether you love history, nature, or outdoors activities, here's a list of some weekend adventures in and around the capital city to explore: 

1. Montebello

45 mins - 1 hour

Most commonly known for their safari tour, Omega Parc, Montebello is definitely a place you need to visit. It's a fairly small town that has a beautiful resort, hosts a rock fest every year, and is home to many diverse animals. This place is great in the Winter and in the Summer so you'll have a blast all year round.

2. Strathmere

30 - 40 minutes

If you're looking for the ultimate country retreat, then Strathmere is your place. They've got yoga, spas, restaurants, and much more; in fact, it's so beautiful that many weddings take place here every year. Additionally, they've got the option to stay overnight making your weekend getaway that much easier.

3. Prince Edward County

2-3 hours

Prince Edward County is definitely hella underrated. It's very low key but extremely nice, especially if you're a fan of camping! You'll definitely run into a lot of farms and farm animals but it's all part of the experience, right? Sandbanks beach is only a 15 minute drive from here and on top of that, they've also got a lot of indigenous territory so you can definitely learn a lot of history and bring back some sick souvenirs.

4. Old Montreal

2 - 2.5 hours

Montreal is already amazing in itself, but Old Montreal can make you feel like you've actually left Canada. From the historic buildings to the amazing scenery, this weekend getaway will leave you feeling nostalgic as ever. Additionally, there's so much to do in Montreal already that you might even feel like a weekend isn't enough time to truly explore this amazing city.

5. Chelsea

45 mins

Chelsea is honestly so awesome because there are so many things to do. Gatineau Parc makes up most of this area so whether you choose to go hiking or to a lake, you'll definitely find something you love to do. Additionally, Nordik Spa is located in Chelsea and this is definitely a great getaway; I'd recommend booking an Air BNB out there and just having a relaxing, natural weekend.

6. Lac Simon

1 - 1.5 hours

This beautiful lake warrants visitors from all over every year. Whether you're there for the cottage, for camping, or just as a tourist, Lac Simon is always a great time. The drive from Ottawa is also not too bad so getting in and out of the city can be quick and easy yet you'll still have an amazing time!

7. Mont-Tremblant

2 - 2.5 hours

Ahh, Mont Tremblant, one of the most popular places to head to during the holidays. The drive from Ottawa is not bad at all and although the main attraction is the ski resort, it's definitely got so much to offer; from bars to cute little restaurants. Hotels and Air BNBs for this place sell out quick though so if you plan to go this winter, plan in advance.

8. Kingston

1.5 - 2 hours

Whether it's because you're interested in visiting the notorious Kingston Penitentiary or you're curious to check out some hidden gems, Kingston is a quaint little town not too far from Ottawa. You could rent an Air BNB or a hotel for the weekend and get to know the history behind the town!

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