9 Most Beautiful Parks In Ottawa For Picnics With The Squad

Eating inside was so last winter.
9 Most Beautiful Parks In Ottawa For Picnics With The Squad

Winter's dismissed, spring's now in session, which means it's time to roll out the blankets onto some green fields of grass for a picnic. Who eats inside when the Sun's out anyway? We're not vampires.

We gathered a list of parks that have both a nice green space but also some scenic views for a picturesque spring or summer outing. Here's a list of 9 of the most beautiful parks in Ottawa for a picnic:

Major's Hill Park

Situated in a scenic spot across from the National Art Gallery, Major's Hill Park offers panoramic views of Parliament, the Chateau Laurier and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Britannia Park

A wide green space that also shares the shoreline of the Ottawa River, this park is spacious for larger picnics and also is situated in a quiet spot not too distant from the city.

Dominion Arboretum (Central Experimental Farm)

Ottawa's own not-so-Central Park. There's plenty of different spots in the gardens in between the rolling hills and the location is conveniently in walking distance of Carleton University.

Vincent Massey Park

Another spot nearby Carleton U, there's many open grass areas underneath beautiful willow trees to picnic at.

New Edinburgh Park (Stanley Park)

Located on a quiet spot along the Rideau River and nearby one of Ottawa's most beautiful neighbourhoods, New Edinburgh. There's also the beautiful white Minto Bridges around the same area.

Jacques Cartier Park

This vantage point offers a spectacular of view of Ottawa from the Gatineau side of the river. Just cross the Alexandra Bridge and you'll be there in ten minutes by foot.

Rockcliffe Park Pavillion

A small, quaint space in Rockcliffe Park that boasts an ideal location perfectly perched above the Ottawa River. Being in Rockcliffe Park, the area is also easily accessible by the nearby Ottawa River bike trails.

Andrew Haydon Park

Westward of Brittania Beach and with even more green space, Andrew Haydon Park is an area of varied terrain that is nicely located on grassy shorelines on the Ottawa River.

Confederation Park

A stellar park in the downtown core that's located right beside the NAC and, conveniently, Mackenzie King bus station. The old Lord Elgin Hotel also looms tall over the park, offering a scenic backdrop to any picnic.

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