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9 Best Places To Have Your First Kiss In Ottawa

When you think of Ottawa, you probably don't think of it as being very romantic. However, when you really think about it, there are great places to take people on dates that don't require sitting in a movie theatre or a packed restaurant. You can just sit and talk to each other and get to know the person that makes your heart skip a beat.

If you don't plan on having your first kiss after a night out in the ByWard Market, then these are the places for you. Here are the 9 best places to have your first kiss in Ottawa:

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1. Love Lock Bridge // The Corktown Footbridge

If you've waited a while for your first kiss, or maybe feel like this is the one, this is the best place for you. You can be adorable and bring a lock with you and write your names on it before you kiss each other. Awwww.

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2. REDBLACKS Game // 1015 Bank Street

If you're both super into sports, you'd have a blast at a REDBLACKS game. After they score a touchdown, if the feeling is right, this would be an awesome place to have your first kiss. Especially if there are fireworks bursting outside!

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3. Nepean Point // Alexandra Bridge

Take your date here to watch the sunset, bring a bottle of wine, and talk the night away. It'll be a great place to go with no distractions and you can really get to know your date!

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4. Rideau Canal // Queen Elizabeth Drive

I think the most romantic date you can do in Ottawa is skate along the canal while holding hands. This is perfect for if you're both into winter weather and of course, you can share a beavertail as well. By the end of the date, you'll definitely feel connected enough to share a kiss.

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5. Tulip Festival // 870 Carling Avenue

A very relaxed date, but an adorable one at that. You can walk around viewing the tulips, chat, and get a treat from one of the vendors. Totally the perfect scenery for a first kiss!

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6. Gatineau Hills // King Mountain Trail

Even though the both of you will probably be sweaty, no matter what time of day it is, it's a perfect place for a first kiss. You'll feel so good about yourself from all the endorphins running, so you'll be confident enough for that first kiss.

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7. Hog's Back Falls // Rideau River

Ottawa's own Niagara Falls... but not really. But close enough. Anyways, this is a super romantic place to visit in the summer and fall time and you and your date can feel somewhat private.

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8. Carp Fair // 3790 Carp Road

Kissing on the ferris wheel? Kissing on the carousel? There are so many great places to have your first kiss with your date at the Carp Fair. This fair is only on for a couple of weeks during the year, but even if it's not your first kiss, it's still super adorable and romantic for any couple.

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9. Andrew Haydon Park // 3169 Carling Avenue

Another great place to have your first date while watching the sunset! You can stand on the bridge over the water and watch the sun go down, or you can walk and talk over to the lighthouse and share a kiss over there. Even a picnic in Andrew Haydon Park would be a great date idea.

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